Friday, September 18, 2015

Giant Doll Biscuits (公仔饼)

Taiping giant doll biscuits can only be purchased on or before Mid-Autumn Festival. But if you craze for one during normal times, you can purchase ordinary ones or just get your hands dirty and make some!

For a change, I thought of writing something about Taiping which is an old Malaysian town situated in the state of Perak. If you happened to drop by and if the timing is right, then you could probably pick up some of Taiping old tastes while they are still available.

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节) falls on September 27th. This festival is not only celebrated by the Chinese, it is also a festive for Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese as well.

As with the traditions, there are many types of foods specially made for the festive season for the Chinese. The above picture shows three pieces of extra big ‘doll biscuits’ (公仔饼) that is the ‘old time flavour’ (古早味) of old town Taiping. These biscuits measures about 11cm in length and 11cm wide. Although there are many makers of doll biscuits but they seldom match the Taiping ones.

I have never missed to taste these biscuits since my school days. Even now days, I will travel specifically from Penang to Taiping to buy a kilo or two from an old shop situated opposite RHB Bank in Jalan Kota.

These doll biscuits are good to have with a cup of thick hot black coffee or a cup of green tea while sitting in the coffee shop looking at the street scene. This is the only way to enjoy tranquil Taiping life; which I can assure you that is pretty different from busy city lives.

However, if you are the ones who like to get your hands dirty, then you can try the recipe in the below blog:

Of course, the purchase doll biscuits are ‘not halal’. But I am sure anyone can make their own doll biscuits accordingly and then everyone can have a taste of Mid-Autumn Festival too!

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