Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Up And Down Farting Method (上吐下泻放屁法)

Farting is a normal physiological condition. In fact farting is good for one’s health. However, farting out loudly in public or official occasion may be an embarrassment matter. Just think of an important situation that you are about to give an opening speech for your newly setup company. All your VIP guests, boss and press representatives are also present. There you are standing before the microphone and the first sound that came out is a loud: ‘Puuuuttt!’  Or worse, a consecutive of lout puts!

Well, needless to say that farting out loudly in official occasion is not only uncivilized but also embarrassing. In order to save face, one has to try to stop farting. But in the process of enduring farting, it may cause uneasiness and harm to the body. On one hand you have to give the very important speech; on the other hand, you need to control the gas from coming out.

There is a very simple method in TCM medicine to deal with the above predicament:

When there is a feeling of farting, one needs to relax his/her body and mind. At the same time he/she should take in a mouthful or half mouthful of fresh air while doing that, he/she should slightly part his legs. And then the person can slowly exhale the air through his/her mouth. One will notice that by doing the above exercise, the gas in the stomach would also being passed out quietly.

The above exercise can be performed repeatedly until all of the gas in the body escapes. Of course, the key to the success of this exercise lies in one’s ability to relax. Needless to say, the above technique requires some practise but if you constantly need to attend very important ceremonies, then it is worthwhile to try.

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