Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Mating Dragon Yant (双龙交汇符)

The powerful 'mating dragon' yant for attracting love.

This is one form of potent Thai love magic known as 'Mating Dragon'.

First, one should purchase a piece of white cloth and then he/she should choose an auspicious date to draw the yant with ink or scented oil.

After the yant is drawn, one should burn some benzoin incense and then fumigate the mating dragon yant whle reciting the below mating mantras:



During the mantra recitation, one should think of the face of the target as clearly as possible.

After the ritual is completed, the yant is carried with him/her before meeting the person.

If the ritual is performed correctly and the blessing of the guru is there, then the target shall fall in love with the person who cast the ritual. However, if a person lacks sincerity; then the magic shall not work.

This yant is for your reference only as most people do not have the blessing of gurus and the proper ways of empowering scented oils.

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