Thursday, October 12, 2017

Ghost Stories From Genting Highland II (云顶鬼故事II)

Vietnamese Kumanthong In Genting

This story is perhaps just rumors told by some foreign friends.

A few months before the hotel opens for business officially, a dozen of pregnant ladies were brought from Vietnam to Genting Highland. The expecting mothers were being housed in various rooms in the hotel.

All of the room windows were being covered with thick curtains so that no light would penetrate in. All of the mothers were near their delivery dates and that they just stay inside the rooms. All the mothers' needs were taken care by the Vietnamese man.

After the delivery dates, the mothers were seen left the hotel one after the other with their slim features with no signs of pregnancy. Strangely, no voices of baby crying was heard or the scene of mothers carrying their babies were seen.

One thing in common though was that wind-bells were seen hung at the front door of the rooms where the mothers once stayed.In addition,tid-bits and toys were found being placed in the rooms.
Rumors had it that the babies were being processed into 'kid spirits' and bounded into the wind-bells by sorcerers. The purpose of the kid spirits is to entice hotel room guests to gamble in the casino generously. In such a way that the casino business would bloom.

A business man came to Genting for a business deal and he stayed into one of those rooms with a wind=bell. During the night, he heard a tiny voice spoke beside his ears: "Since you are free, why not try your luck in the casino and get some windfall."

The man figured that the voice has some sense so he proceeded to the casino. And, truly, he won a few thousands of dollars. Just as when he wished to call it a day and returned to his room, the mysterious voice was heard again: "Since you are having good luck, why not continue with the betting? Perhaps you can become rich and retire soon!"

As the saying goes: nine out of ten gamble fail. Fairly soon, the men has lost all of his money and just as when he wanted to retreat, the voice was heard again: "Isn't you still have the company funds with you? You can use the money to get back what you have lost. It is impossible that you will lose all the money!"

So, the men continued to gamble until he has spent all of his company money. In a gust of fury and regret, the man returned to his room and jumped off the balcony to commit suicide.

Since the suicide, other hotel guests and hotel workers complaint of hearing baby cries in the midst of the night but nothing can be found. Also the wind-bells hanging at the room entrances also fell down inexplicably.There were also sightings of the figure of a man chasing after some crying kids. When the witnesses wanted to stop the man, the man vanished into thin air.

Perhaps that was the restless soul of the man committed suicide wanting to seek revenge over those kid spirits that caused him to lose his money.As the rumor started to spread, the hotel management decided to have the wind-bells taken down for good.

If you are lucky, you might check into a room with a wind-bell. Maybe someone has overlooked this particular one...

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