Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Ghost Stories From Genting Highland I (云顶鬼故事I)

The Langsuir Of Genting

Every Malaysian would know that Genting Highland is not only a tourist spot famous of its casino, it is also a place with no less ghost stories. I have collected some of the more well known ones and starting to post a series of Genting Highland ghost stories:

Many years ago, a young couple went up to Genting Highland casino to try their luck. At the beginning, their luck was pretty good and won quite a lot of money. However, once past midnight; they started to lose not only the money they have won, but also their hotel money.

Having no choice, the couple decided to drive home in the midst of the night. Without knowing, their car halted at the waist of the highland due to petrol exhaustion. It was already around 3 a.m. and the road was practically empty and that no one was staying around that place too.

So, the husband asked his wife to stay put in the car while he went to look for help. The wife agreed as she was very tired. Soon after her hubby went off, she too dozed off.

An hour later, the wife suddenly woke up by the sound of a whooshing car. The awakened wife started to feel panic finding herself alone in the car. She started to worry about her husband but due to safety reasons, she dared not get out of the car.

After a while, the lady found something very strange as she noticed that almost all of the car passing by would move at an ordinary cruising speed but when those cars approached her car, those cars would just sped off and whooshed away. 

Before the wife can make any sense of what had happened, a police car came from behind but stopped at a distance. Then the lady heard a voice from announcer asking she to get off the car and walk straight towards the police car without looking back.

Though afraid, the wife abidded with the instruction and walked toward the petrol car. Then a policeman rushed out of the petrol car and hurriedly pulled her into the police car.

Due to curiosity, the wife turned her back and saw a langsuir (female vampire) was sitting on her car biting on a human head...

A search and rescue team was dispatched to look for the missing husband and a headless body was found. It was said that this incident has made headlines of that time.

If you happened to be there, perhaps you can ask your tour guide about this bizzare story. A similar story in Karak Highway was also told by highway users.

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