Thursday, October 12, 2017

Ghost Stories From Genting Highland IV (云顶鬼故事IV)

The Story Of Genting Staff Hostel

It was said that the hostel for Genting staff is comprised of 7 buildings. Among all, the 5th and 6th building were female hostel.

The 5th building was 24 stories tall and from ground floor to the 19th floor was the hostel for single ladies where 3 person sharing one room. Beyond 20th floor would be the hostel for managers or married staffs.

There were a total of 40 rooms in one floor with a lift lobby in the center.

My former schoolmate, Mary and Kate worked as temporary staff after their A Level examinations to earn some pocket money. Both of them lived in the hostel for single ladies in the 5th building.They shared one room with another lady stuff.

A strange incident occurred when Mary and Kate's room mate was on leave.

It was around 11pm at night and Mary and Kate were in bed about to sleep.

Just as when Mary was about to switch off the light,she heard someone was knocking at the front door. So, she went to open the door but found no one was outside or anywhere near it.

Though curious, Mary returned to her bed and about half an hour later; the strange knocking happened again. This time, Mary approached the door and peeped through the view port at the door but she see no one again.

She decided to ignored the knocking and continued to sleep.

The next morning, Kate fell sick. According to Kate, she saw Mary opened the door for the first time and a black shadow followed her in.

Before Kate could say anything, the black shadow has already jumped onto her and she immediately felt an immense pressure on her chest causing she difficult to breathe or even shout. Apparent Kate was experiencing some kind of hag-ride.

Kate's ordeal persisted until 5am or so and the pressure on Kate was suddenly lifted. By then Kate was feeling exhausted and she was quite sick and the company doctor decided to send Kate to the local district hospital.

With two of her roommates away, Mary was a little wary but there was nothing she could do but to spend most of her time outside until the time she was too tired to think of supernatural things.

Before Mary hit the hay, she prayed to whatever holy names she could remember and after double checking that all the doors and windows were secured, she switched off the light.

A few minutes later, sounds of door knocking was heard again. Only this time, the knocking seemed to come from inside of the room...

Mary pretended that nothing had happened and hid her head under a big pillow shivering.A few minutes later, she felt the blanket near her feet was being lifted and something was tickling her soles.

She immediately jumped up and there she saw an old man was smiling playfully at her while waving his fingers with long sharp nails.

Without giving a second thought, Mary gave out a sharp shriek and rushed towards the door towards the room of another colleague, Lucy.

Although Lucy and her roommates didn't quite believe Mary's story, they let her in and slept on the floor until dawn.

Early in the morning, Mary inspected her soles and saw a few bloody scratching marks...

Needless to say, Mary tendered her resignation immediately and returned to her hometown.
Kate has never returned as her grandma visited a spirit medium and Kate was advised not to 'go up the mountain' for her safety.

It was after many years that I heard this story being told to me by Mary herself.

So, beware of midnight knocking on your door! You might invited something into your house without your notice. 

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