Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Restless Sister (不能长眠的姐姐)

Mr. Chong's sister, Jane died in a freak accident a few years ago in KL but since Chong's parents were free thinkers, and that Jane was still single then; no dead ritual was done for Jane then.

A few weeks ago, Chong contacted me to ask me to perform a 'soul calling' (招魂) for Jane because he dreamed of Jane consecutively for a few nights. The dreams were quite identical as recalled by Chong: Jane would appear in front of Chong wearing blood stained clothing begging him to 'bring her home'.

Since Jane died for quite some time now, I was not confident if it was possible to summon Jane's soul as she might already become wandering spirits and that she may not be staying around the place where she met her doom.

Nonetheless, we went to the place where Jane died and performed a short soul calling ritual with Jane's old clothing. Immediately after the ritual, Jane was summoned into her clothing and it was brought back to Penang for further deliverance ritual.

I was not very fond of performing dead rituals for the dead. So, I passed the job to another Taoist. As I sat in an arm chair in a corner dozing off due to tiredness, the chanting of the Taosit sounded like lullaby song and I quickly entered into my dreamland.

Suddenly I saw a lady came before me. Before I could open my mouth, she introduced herself as Jane. 

Jane started to say: "Can you help to advise Chong to be careful as I have helped him 4 times already or else he would already be accompanying me by now. After tonight, I won't be able to help him anymore?"

Before I could make head or tail of what Jane said, she disappeared and I was awakened by a few drops of water sprayed by the Taoist for purification purposes.

I waited until Chong was available and pulled him aside; and asked if he had experienced any life and death matter lately.

Chong stunned and quite reluctantly he quietly said: "I had some near missed which nearly took my life:

The first incident happened when I forgot to pull my hand brake as I parked my car on a slope. My car plunged into a 10m ravine but I was just in time to get out of my car.

The second incident happened when I was trying to help a friend to fight a robber. I was stabbed in my abdomen but the advancing knife was stopped by hitting my phone...

The third incident occurred when I was opened my car door to check on my tyre beside a highway. A lory came from behind and hit the door nearly missed me. I could only think of the worse if I came out of my car a few seconds earlier...

The fourth incident occurred one week ago, a wooden chair fell onto the floor beside me when I was walking below a flat..."

After hearing Chong's story, I told of my very strange dream about Jane. Chong silent for a while and said: "It was Jane alright. She was always take caring of me since small. Maybe she can finally rest in peace."

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