Friday, October 13, 2017

Ghost Stories From Genting Highland V (云顶鬼故事V)

The Woman Who Combs Her Hair (梳頭女郎)

About 5 years back and during a public holiday, my friend Paul and his colleagues decided to go to Genting Highland to try luck.

Since the gang didn't has the habit of trip planning, they found that the hotel has already fully booked. Just as before the disappointed folks decided on a returning journey, a hotel staff suggested that they should try the Ria Apartment. Well, since the place was purportedly to be haunted, not many brave heart ones dare to stay there and hence, there should be some empty units left even during peak seasons...

Though the suggestion was not really a welcoming one, the folks have no choice but to check the apartment out... and they were 'lucky' to find an empty unit waiting for them.

After Paul and his friens have unpacked, they were quite eager to try their luck in the casino. But Paul suddenly felt uncomfortable and he decided to take an early rest while his colleagues went to gamble.
There was nothing Paul could have done but to lay in the bed and self pitied for a while until he felt drowsy and dozed off.

After a while and in a state of haziness, Paul opened his eyes to look at his watch and it was around 1:30am. And, suddenly... he saw a woman in white sitting at the corner of his bed and combing her hair.

At first Paul thought that he was just dreaming so he continued to doze off...

When Paul awoke for the second time, it was around 3:15am and the woman was still combing her hair with her back facing Paul. Now Paul could have a clearer look at the stranger as she was just sitting so close to Paul that he could smell the scent of her perfume.

Now that Paul became so scared that all of his sleepiness has gone to nowhere. He could only pull up his blanket and hid underneath in the hope that the 'whatever the figure was' will go away while shivering.

After hiding in the blanket for sometime, Paul thought that the mysterious figure must be gone and he ventured his head out of the blanket and... now Paul saw a very pale face of a woman that came so close as he nearly kissed the face if he would move slightly more.

Then Paul heard a disembodied voice: "I have been waiting for so long... You are finally here..."

Paul was devastated and he hysterically jumped out from the bed and yelled out from the bottom of his lungs while rushing out of the room, and then the apartment to the main lobby.

There, Paul spent the rest of the night in a couch until his pals returned. All of them decided to return home first thing in the morning even though this is the first time Paul came to Genting without entering the casino.

Do you believe in Paul's story?

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