Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Betta Fish Magic (斗鱼术)

In old Indochina, mountain tribes used to practise a type of magic that has no parallel in the Western world. The Chinese call it 'gu' (蛊) and the Thai call it 'phi phop'.  I call 'gu' as 'mountain-wind' taken from I-Ching.

The method of practising this 'gu' is simple: first a few types of poisonous creatures such as snakes, scorpions, lizards, toads, centipedes etc. are placed inside a small urn. The urn is sealed and buried underground. After 49 days, those poisonous creatures would devour each other until the very last one.

This last survivor is known as 'gu' and it has magical power that can bind with the practitioner's soul and bestow the person with wealth and power. The type of 'gu' depends on what creature is left: if a snake is left, then it is the 'snake gu'.

Personally speaking, keeping betta fishes are just like practicising 'gu' magic because there is only one winner among all of those betta fishes. The process of getting the 'king betta' is similar to putting betta fishes into a tank and let them fight each other to death.

Except for keeping a betta fish as ornamental purposes, it is difficult to judge which betta fish is the best fighter for gaming intent.

The fierceness of a betta must be cultivated from within. The judgement must be made from the continuous battle stamina of a particular fish due to the fact that it is not possible to judge a betta fish from its colorful appearances like other ornamental fishes.

The mind of a betta fish can bind into the keeper's mind over time. When my betta fishes opened up their gills and stared at me with their totally black eyes, I would feel a sense of chillness perhaps due to the hidden and more powerful spirits behind those small creatures.

From my own experience of keeping betta fishes for many years, the betta fish nature can be shown in the keeper's human nature. Hence, by looking at the behavior of a betta fish master, I could perhaps understand the battle ability of the betta fish.

For example, if the fish owner looked fierce, cruel and arrogant; then his betta fishes would behave as such as betta fishes should not be too 'merciful' so said.

In earlier years, most betta fishes are caught from the rivers and their battle ability depends on a person's luck and the genetics of the fish. Though there were many uncertainties, the fun part is that all of those fishes were 'free-of-charge'.

Now a days with so many cross breeding and sky rocket prices, I am no longer interested in keeping commercially produced betta fishes as they all lacked the 'touch of the nature'.

Betta fishes should ideally be fed with life bate such as worms or larvae of mosquitoes as life bates increase the fierceness of betta fishes. I used to feed small betta fishes with life bates and after only one month, their untamed violent behaviors starting to show.

I used to purposely let mosquitoes sucked my blood and waited until the mosquitoes are filled before slapping them to dead. The combined mosquito with human blood were then fed to my beloved betta fishes. While watching the betta fishes consuming those bloody mosquitoes, I felt as if I was feeding 'ghost kids' (鬼仔).

In order to increase the battle power of betta fishes, there is a mantra used to empower those fishes. I have posted the mantra in the blog if you are interested.

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