Thursday, October 12, 2017

Ghost Stories From Genting Highland III (云顶鬼故事III)

The Restless Housemate

This is a story from a 19 year old young lady, May:

May has just completed her SPM examination and she and her best friend Jess went to Genting Highland to visit her old neighbor, Alice. Alice's father owned an apartment in Genting Highland and both girls thought they could have a free stay while May can have some catching ups to do with Alice.

By the time May and Jess arrived at Alice's place, it was just past 9 p.m.

After some unpacking, the girls chatted until 12 midnight. Suddenly Alice felt hungry and asked if both of her visiting friends wanted to tag along.

Jess agreed but May felt she was somehow tired and wished to take a nap. So off Jess and Alice went out leaving May alone in the apartment.

Not long after both ladies left and enough time for May to start dozing off; there was a knocking on the front door.

Though feeling strange as it was quite impossible for her friends to return so soon, May went to open the door and to her surprise, a stranger girl was standing in front of the door holding a burger in her hands.

Before May could ask, the stranger said: "Your friend asked me to pass this burger to you!"

Once said and before May could react, the stranger tugged the burger into May's hands and left. Though feeling very strange, May returned to her couch and put the burger on a tea table opposite the couch.

As May was about to doze off again, there was another knocking on the front door again.

Again, May went to open the door and there stood both of her friends; Jess and Alice.

Jess said apologetically: "We are so sorry, May! We bought you a burger for supper but we left it on the table of the restaurant we visited..."

"What!?" May exclaimed.

Jess repeated: "We left your burger in the restaurant. It is too late to return to get it now... We are so sorry..."

Now feeling very strange, May pointed at the burger on the tea table and asked: "Is this burger you meant? I thought that you asked your friend to pass it to me?"

The trio looked at each other baffled... No one dares to touch the burger until the next morning...
The ladies spent the whole day outdoor and in and around the casino. They retired to their small apartment in the evening. 

Jess decided to call it a day but May and Alice still have a lot of catching up to do; so Jess went to take a hot shower before hitting the hey.

About an hour later, Jess rushed out of her room with extremely pale face. With shivering voice and pointing her finger at her room she said: "Ghost... ghost..."

Both May and Alice thought that Jess was just playing a joke or being too tired, they accompanied Jess into her room to investigate.

As soon as the trio went into Jess's room, the room door suddenly slammed shut with a loud bang. Whatever they tried could not get the door to open.

Then, the window suddenly burst opened from outside by a gust of freezing wind. And the silhouette of a girl was seen hanging on a tree just outside of the window. Worse still, the ghostly figure with long dropping tongue waved at the ladies...

The trio screamed horrifically and passed out.

When they became conscious again, they saw the security guard and Alice's parents were surrounding them. The concerned folks asked what had happened to the ladies and they told what they had experienced.

Hearing the story, the security guard nodded and said: "I could remember that a young lady hung herself on the tree branch sometime ago after being jilted by her boyfriend... And that unfortunate lady was once a tenant in this particular room..."

After being enlighted by the guard's story, May and Jess decided to flee the scene as soon as possible. Though May continue to visit Alice afterwards, she would not go into that horrible apartment again.

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