Saturday, June 2, 2012

Some Q & A

I am posting some of the Q & A here just in case you also have the same queries. So, please check this post first before you proceed. This Q & A list will be updated from time to time:

1.) Could Asma be used to destroy (or at least fend off) for example a heavily armed modern army unit (ex. a Division 10.000-15.000 men or even much larger) that are goinig to destroy/kill you...let us take an extreme (but unrealistic, of course) case:

Very heavely armed, with several battle tanks, helicopters, rocket launcers,.....e.t.c

> The magic ritual doesn't work that way. If we were to generate such heat, before we can destroy the enemy, we already burnt ourselves. The destruction of enemy doesn't come directly, it may occur over a long period of time.

2.) The prayers for magickal "preventive/protective bounderies" and such:

Could they stop modern bullets and modern weapons in general ?

Take the above example:

If there are a 20 Soldiers who are firing at you all at once with their machine guns...maybe even from 2 different directions....or someone is firing with a rocket launcer at you.

Would that boundery/protective magick save you ?

Would it be "strong" enough to stob even multiple impacts (even hundreds or more) at the same time ?

>The boundary protection will protect you in some circumstances, please bear in mind that we are talking about spiritual issues, not physical issues. Only in certain cases that spiritual can influence physical.


3.) What is the most powerful Ritual/Spell/Asma you know for "supernatural" and "natural" defense ?

>Asma Malaikat and Asma Nakaban are powerful in its own right.

4.) I liked the Asma described at your blog. What is the source of power for this method? Does it have anything to do with khodams, jinns or other non-angelic entities?

> The source of power of any practice are khodams.

5.) I do not speak Arabic, I also do not know how to write in Arabic and I am not a Muslim. Would the Asma still be effective if I do it given these circumstances?

> Yes. Only if you have the fate.

6.) Have you yourself practiced this method and if so, what results did you experience?

> Frankly no. The reason is that I have other things in my mind.

7.) Does the AMSM also involve energetic and breathing techniques akin to Tenaga Dalam?

> No. Not really... AMSM is comprised of a series of prayers to invoke the power such as that of the Tenaga Dalam.

8.) I would very much like to learn such methods and related techniques of Malay, Viet, Thai and Laotian magic along with Ilmu Kebatinan, Kejawen and traditional Tenaga Dalam. But in the proper manner - from traditional, experienced practitioners in person. I would of course be more than willing to make the necessary travels.

> Each technique you see, takes years of commitment and diligent practices. I would suggest that you choose one of the techniques in the blog and do it for a period of time, then you will have a better understanding. Then you may decide if you should invest in travelling.

9.)I have heard that in certain Indonesian schools of Silat, Kejawen and Ilmu Kebatinan there exist methods where people can transform themselves physically into animals - like for instance a tiger, etc. I mean, the physical appearance of the person changes to that of the animal. Is this true or just stories? Have you ever met any such adepts who can do this in person?

> If you refer to the Balinese 'leak' system, then it is said possible. In Malay magic there were talks about Were-tiger, but I have not personally seen such an event. I would attribute to fictions. But even in Western magic, I have heard that when a magician's soul can travel out of body, then this soul can transform into animal like creatures to harm people. So just keep an open mind.

(To be continued ...)

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