Saturday, November 30, 2013

Free ‘Powa’ Service

The AH Syllable
‘Powa’ or better known as ‘transference of consciousnesses' is predominantly a Tibetan ritual aimed to transfer ones consciousness to a ‘pure land’ so that the soul will not be reborn again.


Although all of the Tibetan Buddhist schools have Powa rituals; they are not created equal. For majority of the Buddhist schools, the ‘final destination’ is the pure land of Vajradhara (金剛總持), for some it will be the pure land of Amitabah (阿彌陀佛) while for the Dzongchen (大圓滿), the final destination will be the center of Dharmadhatu (法界心中心). Whatever system one follows, ‘Powa’ is based on the theory of emptiness. In another words, that is to say, let all the souls rest in the state of ‘AH’. This is basically a state of ‘no-born’.


I am offering a free Powa service for the deceased human or pets for accumulation of merit purposes on the 1st and 15th days of Lunar Calendar.


The term and conditions:


·         This service is provided for the ones that have not been blessed in any deliverance ceremonies. The reason is: we don’t want to pull a deceased from the heaven and then to another ‘pure land’.

·         Please send in the name (indicate if the named is a pet or human), your relationships, gender, date of deceased and age to me: . I will not check if the names are real, or the persons are still alive etc. I will stop this service on reaching 1000 name count.

·         Please avoid sending the name of the still living… I don’t know what will be the effects if you decided to play a prank on a living person. I believe the karma is equal to that of killing a living person.

·         Once you have sent in your request, please donate some money or food to your preferred charities on behalf of the deceased. I will not check if you will be doing so, as the merits are solely yours, not mine.


This is a Buddhist deliverance service for my merit accumulation exercise, so it is mainly meant for Buddhists. Your details will be deleted upon the completion of the ritual and will not be disclosed in public.

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