Friday, November 15, 2013

Kalachakra View On Death: The Individual

A lady asked me this question:


“How to tell if a person is dying not of ordinary course as in the Tibetan Book Of The Dead?”


This is a difficult question for the scope is pretty wide. There are many aspects to talk about: individual vs. external, energy movement, astrology, dwelling location, medicine etc. Let’s us just skim over what the Kalachakra has to say about the signs of death. Well, Kalachakra is not only about rituals, it also talks about predicting death and the countermeasures too.


The individual:


In Kalachakra ritual, a practitioner is taught to generate the mandala of Kalachakra as a means to purify our ordinary death. The mandala itself is a representation of an individual: body, speech, mind, action and the magic square in the center. Vital energies necessary to sustain life flow in and around the mandala/individual according to the cycle of time.


Death or injuries would happen according to timing if:


·         Vital energies concentrated or blocked at the external body

·         Vital energies concentrated or blocked at the speech

·         Vital energies concentrated or blocked in the mind

·         Vital energies concentrated or blocked in the action


The timing of death depends on the yearly sign of the individual:


·         Blockage at body level, death occurs within 12 years

o   If the energies concentrated at the right channel, death on 1st half of year of rat, tiger, dragon, horse, monkey and dog.

o   If the energies concentrated at the left channel, death on 2nd half of year of cow, rabbit, snake, goat, rooster and pig.

·         Blockage at the speech level, death occurs within 12 months.

·         Blockage at the mind level, death occurs within 30 days/1 month

·         Blockage at the action level, death occurs within 24 hours/1 day


Individual Vs External


The influence of external environment to an individual can be traced from the magic square. For example the overlapping of Saturn/Saturn, Moon/Moon or Saturn/Moon energies may indicate death or serious illnesses. This can be confirmed by checking the flow of energies within an individual’s body.


Counteracting death


The practice of Kalachakra sadhana and the six limb yoga are designed to counteracting with the ordinary and untimely death. While the Kalachakra sadhana especially the Kalachakra 9 deity sadhana purifies the ordinary death, the purification of untimely death only occurs in the completion stage; i.e. through the practice of six limb yoga and the vase breathing.


Not for the ordinary


The bove is of course a very short representation of what Kalachakra teaching has to offer. Needless to say, without intensive involvement in the study of Kalachakra; people like you and me will not be able to detect forthcoming death. More so it is quite impossible to detect the blockage and flow of subtle energies.


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