Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Understanding Our Invisible Friends

Almost all of older magical traditions in this world deal with spirits to do their biddings. After years of experiences dealing with these spiritual entities, I try to list down  some lesser known traits that I think are interesting to talk about.


Defining spirits


Spirits here refers to human spirits specifically or some may like to call them ghosts.


Spirits are fuzzy entities


Basically spirits are stubborn and blurred. Well, the clever ones already gone with the light within 49 days’ duration.


Now, let’s put us in their shoes (only if they have feet …) and think what we would do if … One day when all our familiar belongings: houses, family, car, money etc. are no longer belonged to us; all our complaints are unheard and no food to eat.


Say that a bugger comes and says to us:


“What a pity soul. How are you?”

“So pity, how come you die so young?”

“I would marry you if you’re still alive …”



We will definitely stick to this person 99% of the time as he or she has shown sympathy to us add to that we have nowhere to go, wouldn’t we?


Spirits will not leave voluntarily


Once spirits get comfortable with their ‘hosts’, it is quite difficult to make them leave voluntarily. There is a Chinese saying:



(It is easy to invite ghosts, but difficult to send them away.)


So you see, once these invisible beings are with you; they are definitely sticking to you for as long as they can. Unless of course, the hosts die and there is no more energy to be consumed.


Spirits feed on energies


Spirits rely on energies to survive. If your household electrical appliances especially the lights break down pretty often, then this is one of the indications that a spirit is around.


Likewise, spirits will also consuming energy of human and animals.


I was told by a fellow Taoist practitioner that the dying process of a person can be prolonged by simply attaching spirits onto the person. In doing so, the person will keep grasping for air but will not kick the bucket. This is done when his or her life is to be prolonged while waiting for the love ones to arrive.


When spirits attached themselves to human beings, I call them “parasites”. Of course, in magic traditions, spiritual parasites are used as a means to achieve invulnerability and 6th sense.


However, spiritual parasites can bring more harm than good:


·         When these parasites are sucking energies from their hosts, the hosts will experience mood swing, tired, palpitation etc.

·         Spiritual parasites can ‘mask’ out actual illnesses and cause a tumor not to be shown in x-ray photo and more often than not, discovery of the real cause is often a little too late.

·         Illnesses such as cancers, diabetes, high blood etc. are said to be partly attributed to spiritual parasites.

·         Spirits attract bad luck


Spirits cannot change the world


Majority of the spirits are ignorant and helpless. If anyone says that spirits can save the world, then that must be a lie. Most of the time, they need to be taught on what and how to do a task. Perhaps there are good ones around, but after browsing through available magic traditions; I have yet to see one. A simple pendulum will certainly give the skeptics a very good sample.


So here you are, our invisible friends in a nutshell. I think the best attitude towards these invisible friends is:



(Respect the spirits, but keep them at a distance.)


The choice is still, yours; of course.


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