Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pets That Follow Their Dead Masters

Indeed I do believe that animals are more spiritual than the human. There are stories now and then that surface in news paper or intranet that dogs refuse to eat upon the deaths of their masters. These animals rather starve themselves to death than become the sole survivors. I am sure the all famous Taiwanese ‘十八王公’ is but one of the classical examples out there:



Mr. Ong told me something he heard from an old Cantonese woman a long time ago, as below.


During mourning period of a deceased family member, our pet dog or cat has to put on a white ribbon its neck. If not, our pet would be followed to heavenly kingdom, too. It was considered as part of our family member.


Recently, he read a similar article written by a pet communicator. It goes like this:


Little Thomas was very close to his little pet dog, as much as a member of his family. His dog knew that Thomas would be crossed over to the other side. Soul of his dog planned a sudden unreasonable physical death so that, it could welcome Thomas in the light to keep on their companionship.


It seems like that an animal is more spiritual than we do.


Just let me know if you believe these stories?


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