Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Curse Of 3 Generations (跳蚤蠱)

This is a true story of Thai black magic victims that has gone across three generations told by my guru sometime ago. It suddenly resurfaced in my mind as I was reading my Thai magic notes.


About half a century ago, perhaps around the 50’s, there was a Hong Kong business man by the name Lee came to Singapore to do business. Somehow Lee decided to marry a Singaporean lady and then settled in Singapore though Lee already has a wife and son in Hong Kong. It was said that Lee later has about 10 children in Singapore.


All went well until Lee was terminally ill and all of his children in Singapore have forsaken this old man. Since poor old Lee has no one to turn to; he decided to call his son, Albert in Hong Kong in the hope his son will come and pay Lee a last respect.


Albert refused to comply with his father’s last request as he hated his father, Lee for abandoning his mother and himself for a better live in Singapore. So Lee died alone but before his death, he cast a curse on Albert and all his descendents. I can’t answer you why a father would cast a curse on his sons and grandchildren, but this is how the story goes.


A few years after Lee’s death, strange things started to happen to Albert. Fleas were seen emerging from Albert’s body openings: private parts, asshole, ears etc. So, Albert had to use elephant gum to catch these fleas one by one every night until he also died after vomiting large amount of blood one night.


Now it was Albert’s son Eric who came to my guru for help as the same symptoms exhibited with Eric too. After listening to Eric’s complaints, my guru told Eric that his plight and his father’s was due to the curse of Lee, his grandfather.


However awful it may sound, the cure for such a curse was pretty simple. My guru only boiled some chicken feathers and hair of pigs in a large earth urn. After that, Eric was asked to dip inside the big urn until water cooled down completely. When this is done, the whole of Eric’s body was covered with a piece of black cotton cloth. They were surprised to find many find grayish needle like substances poking onto the black cloth despite the chicken and pig’s hair.


Eric stayed with my guru for a few days and he returned to Hong Kong when no other abnormalities were found. I was attracted to this case as I was wondering what kind of grandfather Lee was until he wanted to see all his descendents suffer a three generation curse?

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