Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Glimpses Of Death

It would be a great surprise if I say that for many people, death does not come in a sudden. Well, there certainly are many tools to give you telltale signs of an approaching death: astrological reading, geomancy, premonition etc. These telltale signs would give an indication of approaching death of approximately 18 months’ period according to my own experiences.


First, please do so and spare some time for your family members and stop staring at your tablets or smart phones. Try to observe the behavior of your elders closely but not too intensely. It is best just sit diagonally across them and pay particular attention to their eyes. If not significant changes on their eye sights, then you can relax for now. However, if you find pattern changes; then death would probably be around the corner. Just a point to note is that the glimpse would only lasts for a few seconds, but it will strike you deep inside your heart to be awaked.


My personal experience with my late father was that around one and half years before he passed away; his would give me a sudden and very deceptive stare from the corner of his eyes that resembles that of a dishonest man. Just to tell you honestly, my father was a teacher for over 30 years and known for his honesty and we secretly dubbed him ‘Confucius II’. So it would indeed be extremely weird for such a person to give me such a sinister look. I felt that that was another person that was staring at me altogether.


Other sign of approaching death was that during this period would be hearing of noises at night. I would akin this call to be somewhat resembles the call of Banshee from Irish folklore. I used to hear a creepy and disembodied voice of my late grandmother during midnight calling: “Ah Ying… Ah Ying…” (My father).


Oh, another thing is please also pay particular attention to behavior change of the person: a calm and polite person suddenly changed into a rude and violent person; or a vegetarian turned into a meat eater etc. So if one day, your beloved father suddenly stared at you as if you were his greatest enemy for no reasons; be prepared.


I believe the above behaviors can also be found with younger ones as there are occasionally news interviews on parents of youths who died in automobile accidents saying: “We knew something would happen to him because his behavior was not normal before he left the house…”


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