Saturday, November 30, 2013

On Spirit Sensitivity: Mr. Ong’s Personal Stories

A decade ago, I consulted an American psychic about my spirit sensitivity. He said I am naturally a sensitive soul, and having a very bright aura that easily attracts animals and spiritual beings. Below are some significant evidences:


·         I always am the first one who suffers from any infection (popular disease) and recovers fast under proper treatment. 

·         If I go somewhere outdoor, strayed cats and dogs would get closer to me for food (if I have). They seem know that I am compassionate and generous! The can read my aura. 

·         A Tao master told me that I have 仙骨, though it is not my interest to become a spiritual medium.  However, I had seen a local Chinese female who was a Christian but, helplessly and fully works as a medium.  She was wanted by certain spirit as a messenger.

·         I could easily sense the emotions of a person, or what one is about to speak out (only in several occasions).


Yes, I am easily get attracted by spirits, too.  Below are my initial experiences with spiritual beings.


When I was a 6-year-old kid, mom bought a second hand wooden bed for us. After sometimes, there was just a face (without full body) of a female appeared in front of my bed, much like a facial image projected from a movies projector. She looked friendly with a smiling face, and appeared just before I fell asleep. I shouted up whenever she appeared. She just disappeared once dad turned on his torch light to me. As a little, simple minded boy, I never knew that she was a spiritual being. This happened just few times and disappeared naturally. She was not as scary or as harmful as I later thought. This never happened to brothers who slept on the same bed.


Later, I had visits from a female goodness, and earth sprit from home altars.


A neighbouring old woman was under cancer treatment at a local hospital. I dreamt that I met her eldest daughter. She was crying at the pharmacy Unit and I awoke immediately. I knew that this old woman would pass away. She did few days later.


I had an Indian friend who was a taxi driver. His aged mother was warded in hospital due to extremely low blood pressure. I dreamt that a Malay man at the taxi station said “Mother of our Indian taxi driver has passed away……”.  As soon as I arrived at the hospital a couple of days later, his sister cried out loud. His mother just passed away. Later, I told the taxi driver that I dared not scare them by telling what I dreamt about his mother. Vivid dreams around 4 am would mostly come true!


When this taxi driver passed away, his unmarried sister stays all alone. She dreamed that her brother asked her not to eat “roti canai”. She took her brother’s advice seriously, as her cholesterol level is high. Don’t you see that, our deceased loved one still concern about us!


As I get older, I have only visits from deceased LOVED ONES OR CLOSE FRIENDS in my dreamland. The “madame” I used to mention earlier was NOT a stranger. She knew me ever since I was a kid.


Sending them to light


I did talk to a toast master from a Chinese temple in Johore when visited by “grandmamma” and “madame”. He said unless they had unfulfilled wish and requested to be done on my part….”


I think they only have visits, without being attached or lingered around, much like whenever we have seasonal offerings to our ancestors. I am sensitive enough to sense them, if they are around all the time. “Oo mi tou fo” (Amitabah Buddhaya) in Buddhism made an oath to guide and send them (spiritual entities who just left their physical bodies) to light. I prayed to “oo mi tou fo” for my pet who just crossed over. I even asked my ancestor to help my pet, as it was part of my family member.   


View points from a Christian and other whites


I talked to a local religious Christian who said “It was not Madame who tried to contact me, but other ghost appeared to be in “madame” form. Another example was advice from my deceased Indian friend for her sister- not to eat “Roti Canai”. In Christianity, all spiritual beings other than the mighty God are evil. Altar set up of for our ancestors at home is strictly against their teachings.


Personally, I disagreed that these evil ghosts were from low realm. They were just visits from our deceased loved ones. I don’t think an unknown ghost would advice her for not to eat “roti canai”, but surely her brother did. In the West or US, lots of researches have done about afterlife. I know quite a number of them who could communicate with our deceased loved ones, including pets. They are not religious, but all are open minded intellectuals. So do most Whiteman I used to work with in few international firms over the pass.   

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