Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wrong Temples, Wrong Deities (進錯神廟拜錯神)

I supposed it is a merit creating activity when one goes to a temple to pray. However, not everyone has the same merit when comes to praying to gods and goddesses in just any temple as when the wrong spirits are being worshipped. In this situation, one may suffer from family issues, bad business investments, ill health and even crazy (走火入魔).


How can this be? A temple is supposed to be a sacred place and none of the above situations should happen to worshippers? Well, it will depend on what temple one chose to go really. There are many big and small temples in SEA, many of them are situated in the urban area; many more are located far away from civilization. Amongst these temples, many are set up for authentic religious activities while no lesser are sole meant for ‘business’ purposes. Why not? Those faithful believers would donate hefty amount of money either to pay tribute to their patron deities; on the other hand, the donation also a means of compensation of bad deeds someone has done.


The fact is that the gods and goddesses will not mind whether one pays tribute to them. This is not the case when ones go to a temple and worshipped evil spirits instead. Let’s refer to some of the below real examples:


·         Mr. and Mrs. Lee divorced because a medium in a temple said so.

·         The director of a trading company was declared bankrupt after becoming the chairman of a Taoist temple in Penang.


The story of Mr. Fan () is the best of all. Yes, I am right. He is Fan, not ‘Fun’. Well, Mr. Fan’s experience was no fun at all to be honest. Mr. Fan was an automobile accessories dealer and his business was booming before he visited a small Taoist temple in Balik Pulau. He was a free thinker and didn’t believe in spirits, his ordeal began when he went into the temple and said, “Unless I see ghosts with my naked eyes, there is no ghost in this world!”


True enough, as Mr. Fan had wished for, his first ghost sighting occurred in his bedroom at about 2am where he saw a 12 feet tall ghostly apparition that faded into thin air after a few seconds. Later Mr. Fan started to see ghosts even when he was driving, eating and even taking his bath. It was not until quite recently that Mr. Fan felt his soul was about to travel out of his body that he paid me a visit.


Why is it that an ordinary place of worship can be overtaken by spirits and not by deities? Well, this has a lot to do with the temple caretaker. If the caretaker is a righteous person, then deities will stay; otherwise spirits will dwell in the statues instead. Unlike gods and goddesses, spirits will steal worshipper’s energy and cause visitors to suffer from ill health and bad luck.


So, next time when you feel cold, unease and goose bumps; then your best bet is not to enter these temples. It is also best to visit more established temples and the best time to visit any temple is before 12 noon when the Yang energy is at its height. Finally, please don’t worship the deities you are not familiar with as their energies may not suit you.

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