Thursday, December 5, 2013

Transferring Spirits From An Haunted Object

Sprits would certainly scare a living daylight from most of our decent folks out there. Then and again, if you are one of those weirdoes like me who conjures for a living or hobby, then you probably have tried many methods to conjure spirits; for fun or otherwise.


The below method can be used to transfer any amount of spirits that may possess an object to another object, be it: an old tree, an heirloom ring, stone, old furniture or even an old building. Let’s just say that we have chosen the spirits that have resided in an old cave for this exercise.


It is best to have some companions before venturing into a forest as the danger is not only spiritual but also physical. Now we must have some objects for the spirit to reside, i.e. a ring, a doll or a pendent. We should prepare some rice grain mixed with sea salt for protection. To cut long story short, now we are in the cave and we have found a corner that is suitable to perform the spirit transference ritual.


Our next step is to sit or stand facing the corner holding the ring in our right palm while extending our left palm facing outwards. Try to strike a contact with the spirits by feeling the surrounding with our left palms. There would be a few outcomes:


·         Our left palms feel warm and hot, we are in control and the spirits are willing to work with us. We may proceed to call the spirit.

·         Our left palms feel cold and numb, we are weaker than the spirits and they are feeding on our energy. We should stop our ritual and go home.

·         We feel dizzy, tremble or hearing high pitch sound. The spirits are trying to intrude into our aura. If this happens, grab some of the salt-rice mixture and throw around the area. This will neutralize any negative energy.


When we feel that we are in control, we need only channel the spirits to enter our left palm and then move them into the ring in our right palm. That is all to it! After that, we may put the ring in front of us and observe the spirits with our mind and we will definitely see an image of this spirit. It would certainly be a plus if we have psychic eyes.


I have been using this method in space cleaning ritual on and off to help clearing haunted houses and have not many problems so far. However, I can’t speak on behalf of those who have other intentions. One thing for sure: Not everyone has the same capability and not all spirits are created the same! Try only if you dare please.

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