Friday, December 6, 2013

Let’s Pray For Our Wellbeing

My friend Mr. Wong from Pahang and his beloved brother are tormented by flood. He sent me this mail:

Dear Liew,


On Monday night I was told by my brother in Kuantan that electricity supply just recovered on 7.30 Pm in his area, but water supply still out. Front of his house was flooded up to one foot.


Meanwhile, our transportation by main road was blocked by flooded traffic. All transportations to east coast were blocked out, including no vegetable supplies to our area. I was able to buy a small quantity of vegetable from local supermarket yesterday and today. Serious flood in Kuantan happened in the beginning of January, followed by December this year. We have two floods in Kuantan- beginning and the end of this year.


Kuantan is the highest developed state in East Coast, but very poor in drainage system just like KL. Natural disaster in Philippine has a great deal to do with global warming, as discussed by political leaders.   I can see that not many are willing to learn that nature is to be respected, not for greedy exploitation. I hope our government is aware of the potential danger of destructive industrial projects, and learn a lesson from passed thoughtless acts. After all, we all sooner or later would suffer from the boomerang effects of the so-called “development or investment” of harmful projects that banned in overseas.”


I believe that the flood condition turns even worse from year to year, if thoughtlessness of mankind remains unchanged.

There is not much I can say but to ask all of us to pray for the wellbeing of ourselves and our love ones wherever we are. So I copied the below simple hymn from my prayer book, you may use your own versions:









Hymn For The Removal Of Disasters & Increasing Prosperity


Let’s hope this world and hence all nations,

Be free from even hearing the terms of famine and war;

Let’s hope our prosperity and merit continue to increase,

Let’s hope we all be prosperous and solemnly accomplish our religious duties

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