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Spiritual Hygiene: Body & Souls

We all spend a large portion of our savings on modern medical examinations and our health is indicated by various Key Performance Indexes (KPI). But can all these KPIs correctly reflect our body health? My late father had excellent medical reports but none of those tests showed he suffered from pancreas cancer until it was already too late.


Personally I don’t go for a medical examination unnecessarily for obvious reasons. So, how do we care for our body and souls? This topic would leads to ‘spiritual hygiene’ and spiritual hygiene is extremely important especially for those healers; spiritual or physical. If you belong to those folks who need to have physical contact with general public, then spiritual hygiene is not a topic to overlook.


Before going into further discussion, let us set some definitions so that we will be aligned:


What is spiritual hygiene?


Spiritual hygiene refers to one’s aura or energy field is free from spirit parasites and with minimum dark spots.


How do the spirits affect us spiritually and physically?


Spirits once attached to our aura will venture into our body and finally reside in our internal organs. These parasites feed on our energy, if they attached themselves to our kidneys; they will cause kidney problems. Once our energy is being robed, we feel agitated and our emotion becomes unstable. The spirits will also cause us to get hurt in car or fire accidents as our judgments may be dulled. There are suggestions that addictions may also be the work of spirits.


What are steps in maintaining spiritual hygiene?


The steps are as follows:


1.      Self diagnosis

2.      Aura cleansing

3.      Grounding

4.      Healing aura

5.      Protection

6.      External factors


Self diagnosis


We can run a simple scan about ourselves:


·         At the end of a day, lay down face up and start scanning our body from head to toe.

·         Check our feelings: are we feeling particularly sad or are there any special sentiments?

·         Are we feeling particularly tired that day?

·         Is certain part of our body giving a sudden pain?



Aura cleansing


There are many methods to clean aura:


·         The Golden Dawn method:

o   The middle pillar exercise

·         The Tibetan method:

o   Smoke offering, fire offering, water offering etc.

·         The Taoist method:

o   Breathing exercise

§  Breathe in from all body pores, breath out from all body pores expelling all negative entities.

·         Thai magic:

o   Flower bath




·         Lay flat face up on the floor for 10 minutes.

·         Swing both hands to and fro for 100 times.

·         Bang our backs onto a wall 10~20 times.

·         Touch both palms onto the floor.

·         Hug a clean and healthy tree.


Healing aura


·         Stand or be seated, start scanning our auras.

·         Send energy to the weaker or darker portion of our aura.

·         Ask our spiritual guides to help.

·         Try at least once a month; dip ourselves in a stream, lake, sea etc.




·         Light a candle on our ancestors’ altar and ask our ancestors to protect.

·         Any other lineage or religious specific rituals.


External factors


·         Our living or working environment should be airy, bright and clean. Dispose of all unused items.

·         Keep only one altar and avoid mix-mode belief systems: Thai, Tao, Tibetan, Hindu, Voodoo, Wiccan etc. One system mastered is better than 10 systems mixed together.


Final words


It is our own responsibilities to maintain our own spiritual hygiene. Visitations to temples or spirit mediums cannot help us; nor can a psychologist or medical doctor be helpful in this case. As spiritual beings, we ought to understand ourselves more than the outsiders.

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