Thursday, December 12, 2013

Two Vietnamese Gambling Magic

Even though gambling is no good, but if it is for small fun; then be it. Below gambling magic is not for everyone, one must first master any of the Ngai type, be it the Black Ngai, Malai Ngai, Snake Ngai or Tiger Ngai; added to that the person must also master the Five Legionnaire Armies ritual beforehand.


Gambling Ritual 1:


This ritual employs the magician’s own armies to drive external spirits to assist the magician in gambling.


First collect 5 small pebbles from a nearest cross-road adjacent to the casino. After that, pull 3 pieces of your own hair from the center of your head; put the pebbles and the hairs into a red pouch. Fumigate the pouch with sandalwood incense and call upon the military to do your biddings in your own words. You should repeat the instructions seven times.


Once the red pouch is empowered, you can use it for a consecutive 5 days.


The only taboo is that you must not have any intimate relationships during this time.


Gambling Ritual 2:


This ritual utilizes the power of your Ngai spirit to do the bidding.


First, you MUST steal a chicken egg. Put this egg near to your Ngai plant 3 days before your visit to the casino. Before your departure, put the chicken egg onto your palm and then call upon your military and especially the Ngai spirit to assist you in your gambling work.


After that, put the egg onto a bowl of raw rice and put the bowl near your Ngai plant.


As a rule, you may gamble and have small wind fall for 3 days.


Don’t forget to give good offerings to your military and Ngai spirit as your appreciation or they may not help you again.


The egg should be thrown into sea or river as keeping it further would bring bad luck.


Whatever ritual one chooses to use, it is best only to use only one ritual once a year. Excessive use of such rituals may cause the magician to lose his or her power and shorten the lifespan. Also, don’t forget to do more charity work with the money so as to neutralize any negative karmic defects.


  1. Master Liew ,
    What does it mean by call upon yr military?

    1. The military spirits are group of spirits that serve a magician; much like that of the 5 legionnaire armies in Taoist magic.

  2. Master Liew thank u for yr reply.
    I've actually also emailed u for yr permission to access yr Thai magic blog.
    I promise that it's purely for interest n with no intention to hurt nor harm anyone.
    I do agree when u posted that a lot of students are 8% hot..
    I honestly can't promise u that I'll be able to learn n understand all the wAy to arjan but I'll try my best n humbly ask yr permission.
    Thx u again

  3. Dear Master Liew,
    I study already Thai Magic since few years but there is missing keys in my system, even some mistakes so I request here to have access to Thai Magic blogs ( advanced etc). I study Ajarn Chum teaching mainly but I have also some links to other Ajarn knowledge. My email is :
    I wish only to practice white side and not black magic, my purpose is mainly to help others ( healing, protection, blessing) not egoistical pursuit