Saturday, December 28, 2013

Riwo Sang Chhod DIY (煙供法)

Riwo sang chhod is also called “burnt offerings on the mountainside”. It is a pith instruction from Lhatsun Namkha Jigme’s terma (hidden treasure) cycle. Basically according to “The Accomplishment of Life Force for Masters of Awareness” (Rigdzin Sokdrup), if anyone who wants to perform this ritual he or she must do the below steps:


·         Find a suitable place to carry out this ritual: mountainside, in your back garden, in the wilderness etc. Where ever you choose, please make sure the surrounding is safe; physically.

·         Prepare a clean vessel or hearth and start a bon fire with good clean wood. By good wood meaning the woods with fragrance such as sandal wood, or to the least avoid using thorny wood as fuel.

·         After that, gather some dry food stuffs such as biscuits, flour, milk powder, ghee etc. and then throw all the items that you have prepared into the fire. Sprinkle them with blessed water to purify impurities. Basically, the idea is to create clouds of thick smoke.

·         When you are ready, find a place where you will not be interrupted while keeping an eye on the hearth, perform a simple prayer that comprises of:

o   Express your intention of conducting this ritual; e.g. to remove obstacles.

o   Perform supplication to your lineage specific gurus or patron gods and goddesses.

o   Invite spirits, demons, or any karmic creditors past and present to come and enjoy the smoke offering.

o   Visualize that the smoke has turned into foods and drinks to all of the guests.

o   Think that all the guests have enjoyed the food and are now satisfied.

o   When this is done, tell the debtors verbally that since they have enjoyed the food offered by you; they should help you to remove any obstacles that have troubled you so far. Not forgetting to tell the guests if they don’t comply with your requests, you will subdue them with any available magic rituals.

o   After that you should say out loud that since there is no objection, then all the obstacles past and present are now cleared.

o   At this point, you may perform additional prayers to:

§  Attract wealth and fortune

§  Perform golden drink ritual to all your patron spirits.

o   Last but not least, don’t forget to thank all your guests and dismiss them.

o   You may perform an auspicious prayer for world peace if you so wish desire.

·         Please be seated until the hearth is cold and make sure that you don’t let naked flames unattended, for your and others safety.

·         You must also avoid disturbing the hearth until it is completely cooled down as it is said that some of the guests might still be around.



  1. Dear Liew

    Very nice blog you have here. I've enjoyed reading it as it gives me an awarness.

    I have something in mind that I would like to ask u.

    Im a victim of Kong tau recently about 2 months since the spell was casted. I have gone to see several bomohs. Non of them had discovered it until I came to a very good one.

    He said that this Kong tau is amongst the most powerful ones and often the most challenging one to remove as it involves blood.

    Do you ha've any recommendations on who can I seek help to remove the Kong Tao?

    thank you and looking forward for your reply.


    1. Hi,

      Why do you think you have KT?
      If you do, you wouldn't be able to behave properly by now.


    2. Hi Liew

      I've a very old friend who introduce me to a medium who can literally tell if you have kt when he sees u. He does removal but he alrd retired from doing it although he has the ability to see it.

      This kt comes from my ex gf.

      Just wanted to ask you how long will kt effects an individual from the time spell is casted ? Light or heavy ones.


    3. Hi JD,

      You don't have KT with you. Light or heavy KT normally take effects after 49 days or longer.

      Since you can still write to me, you are okay.. or you have been vomitting blood, or running into accidents frequently...

      Your ex gf just gave you some psychollogical pressure, dat's all.

      As far as I know, there is no more KT masters around in Sing-Ma-Thai except for Santau ... dat's different story.


  2. Hi Liew

    I haven't felt anything unusual as of today. The master told me if it's not remove within 100 days it may cause death and it may take 49 days to remove the kt. Some good ones as told by him are able to remove it once or twice.

    He also told me that my ex used my photo and paid alot of money to do this kt on me.
    What are the normal symptoms that one has when he/she is a victim of kt?

    Does kt always work on someone especially kt using photos of someone?

    Really appreciate your time.


    1. Hi JD,

      No one can guarantee as of today dat KT will work 100%.

      If u don't feel anything unusual, then u're ok.

      Sympthoms are normally:
      vomitting blood, prone to accidents, feeling pain in the body, bad dreams etc. depending on the type of KT being cast.

      If u still don't feel ease, then send me all the details including foto and DOB & time of your ex, and I'll remove the KT for you.

      Pls send details to: