Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Peri, Dakini, Fairy, Pari & The Mixed Lot

The Hantu Pari of SEA is said of female origin and they like to dwell on tall trees similar to that of Langsuir. Some folks believe Hantu Pari have their separate civilization same as Orang Bunian. Hantu Pari is believed to be extremely beautiful with round bright eyes and long hairs, they like to wear long white gown. These Hantu Pari like to sit on tall tree branches on full moon night while observing passerby especially young handsome males. Hantu Pari have 7 sisters and they may materialize to human singularly, either one or at most at a number of 7.


Our Hantu Pari from Southeast Asia may be originated from Peri, a type of Iranian Pre-Zoroastrianism female spirit mainly concentrated at the western Himalayas. They are said to be lived in castles on top of mountains. Some even mentioned that Peri is a type of supernatural creature fond of harming human.


I think the word ‘fairy’ must have stem from the Persian Peri. The westerners believe fairies are normally tiny astral creatures often with wings that live in the forests. There are many ways to attract fairies; some came out with fairy oils, fairy cookies, incense etc. One can now purchase an assortment of these items in eBay or any metaphysical shops online.


Below is a chant for calling fairies:


“I believe in fairies, sure as death!”

Gadflykins! Gadflypins!

Gutterpus and Cass!

Come to me fairy!

Each lad and lass!


Fairies are believed to be able to aid in a magician’s magic ritual for protection, drawing money, information and raising psychic awareness etc.


It is also said that western fairies like flowers and they also fond of hanging around huge trees. So whenever you are in the forest, try the below chants to attract these spiritual creatures to you:


Sweet fairy folk of fairy glen,

It is joy I wish for you,

Please dear fairies believe in me,

I am good and honest and true.


There are many types of western fairies: Afanc (Celtic), Banshee (Ireland & Scotland), Merrows (Ireland) etc.


Just one word of caution: NOT all fairies are cute and small!


And finally Dakini is also known as ‘sky dancer’ (空行母) in Tantric Buddhism. Although there are scholars tried to associate Dakini with Peri or Fairy; basically in the perspective of Trantric Buddhism, a Dakini is an accomplished female yoga practitioner, i.e. yogini. However, in Hinduism, a dakini is a female attendant of Goddess Kali, and Kali is said to have 64 female fierce and man eating attendants.




So what would it be if we put a Peri, Pari, Fairy, Buddhist Dakini and Hindu Dakini in a nutshell? Try imagining mix up a bowl of salad with a bowl of curry fish, then some yogurt and finally stir fry with some Mayonnaise source: Some cross-cultural believes are best left as they are…


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