Monday, August 31, 2015

Taoist Out Of Body Exercise (道家出神观)

The Taoist out of body exercise is self-explanatory.

Same as with the western magic, the Taoist also has his/her own way of going out of body. The Taoist calls this the 'soul exits' (出神). Of course, there are many different ways on how one's soul can exit one's body: though meditation, through mantra recitation and through rituals.

The most proper way of out of body (OOB) method is called the 'yang soul exiting' (出阳神). This can only be done through proper meditation methods. Only when one's soul is purified completely and it is transformed into golden body that his/her soul is able to travel freely in and out of his/her body without any hindrances.

Another method of out of body is called the 'yin soul exiting' (出阴神). In this type of OOB, a person's soul can exit his/her body through certain rituals. For example one can use a mirror, incantations, spirits and talismans to travel out of his/her body. In this case, since the person has not purified his soul into golden form; hence his soul is weak and prone to psychic attack.

A third method of going OOB is through the use of Big Dipper Steps (七星罡). This is the somehow 'restricted' type of OOB as one normally travels out and up to the heaven through the ascending of the Big Dipper to meet with his/her Taoist master for advice and guidance.

I have not ventured to use it in any other way but for a more creative you, perhaps you may travel OOB using this method and let me know your experiences. Since I am bound by my oath of not using this Bid Dipper Steps for any other purposes but not you. So you may do as you wish but please remember how you ascend, then the descending should be in a reverse order.

Another note is that, ascending the Big Dipper is normally to meat with spirits of heavenly orders and it is quite safe. But one has to be pure hearted and sincere as the gods and goddesses are at times arrogant and quick tempered. So try not offend them in any way...


  1. Those points are steps of soul ascending we are visualizing or steps for OOB?

    1. Those are visualizing steps to induce physical OOB.

    2. There is one mudra also for traveling to the different words to gather teachings, I can't exchange or share it with you, when I tried a bit I was going nuts because the reality itself started to be like going thru some fantasy gate, real deal. I tried those steps without seven steps just in meditation and stuff works, but when I felt little weird or like living i in the same second step back, just curious. in some taoist school those practices of lucid dreams or OOB are depleting shen.