Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ah Chong’s Psychic Eyes (老张的阴阳眼)

I have some friends who claim to be able to see ghosts. Some of them obtained this special ability through meditation, some are just simply gifted naturally; while some obtained this type of ability through very special circumstances. Ah Chong is one of those special ones who can see ghosts but he is neither gifted naturally nor trained.

Before I go on, let me repeat that in old society, old folks would advise the young as not to pee in the wilderness for the fear of offending spirits out there. If one really need to release himself/herself; then he/she must say quietly in apologetic manner: “I am so sorry, please move away…” I am sure, now days; our parents would also advise us to be careful when we need to release ourselves during our outdoor activities. You never know, some simple gestures could save you a lot of problems years later…

An incident happened to Ah Chong when he was about 15 years old that not only made him developed his psychic eyes, he almost lost his penis too…

At that time, it was very popular for rural folks to ask for 4D lucky numbers from some local spirits known as ‘Datuk’ (grandpa). For the benefit of those who live outside of Sing-Ma; this Datuk can refer to any wandering spirits who made itself known by wandering at night. When someone sees a white figure, then he/she would just set up a small red shrine on the roadside for this spirit whatever it might be.

Ah Chong’s old man was one of those fans to ask for 4D lucky numbers from the spiritual world. He would go to just about anywhere that can produce accurate lucky numbers. The mode of operation is simple: one only needs to write number 0 to 9 to 10 pieces of paper shreds. This paper pieces are crushed into 10 small balls and put into a small container. The person who want to seek lucky number from a Datuk, he/she should first prepare some food offerings and burns ‘kemayan’ (benzoin). After a while, this person should kneel down and shake the container until one paper ball jumped out from the container. That would be the first number and the process would be repeated until four numbers are obtained. This type of 4D number request rituals are normally performed at midnight.

This was one of those nights that Ah Chong and his dad went to a Datuk’s shrine located deep inside an oil palm plantation in Kamunting, Taiping. The father-son gang went together on a bike and it was already way past midnight when they arrived at the destination. So they quickly set up the food offerings and start burning incense. At this point, Ah Chong felt an urge to pee. So he excused himself and went to the back of the Datuk’s shrine to pee leaving his pa performing the prayer to the Datuk. After all, Ah Chong was not very interested with asking 4D numbers.

Half-an-hour later, Ah Chong still didn’t return to his dad, so the old man went to the back of the Datuk’s shrine to look for his son. There he found Ah Chong lying face down on an anthill structure. The old man thought Ah Chong was sleeping but after he shook his son’s body, Ah Chong didn’t respond. So the pa took a closer look and found Ah Chong was already unconscious and blood stain was seen on Ah Chong’s forehead.

There was nothing the old man could do then, so he hastily went to seek help. Luckily there were some plantation workers living nearby and they carried the unconscious Ah Chong to the local district hospital for treatment.

In the hospital, the doc told Ah Chong’s dad that not only Ah Chong has a bad knock on his head, his penis was bitten by a snake during his pee; luckily the snake was only mildly poisonous. Having said so, Ah Chong’s penis has swollen for many days and he was lucky to keep his penis at the end of the day.

It was during Ah Chong’s stay in the hospital recuperating from his double injuries that he found he could see strange inhumane images walking passed his sickbed. Most of those images were greyish in colour, some of those things were having broken limbs; none of those figures were happy however. And this is when Ah Chong found he has developed psychic eyes quite accidentally.

Perhaps the Datuk just want to teach Ah Chong a lesson by peeing on an anthill. The locals believe that the anthill was indeed the house of the Datuk spirit. I just thought the Datuk was not very forgiving as its punishment was too severe…

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