Wednesday, May 4, 2016

On Luck Matters (谈运气)

Our luck changes every day and there can be hardly any logical explanations to that although we might be able to put 1 + 1 together using astrology.

I have a friend, Ah Choy who studies astrology solely for gambling purposes. This gentleman likes to use astrology to predict which is the winning horse of the race and he did have some kind of insight in this matter. As he told me that he did have high percentage of success rate.

I still remember that a few years ago, Ah Choy performed some astrological calculations before betting on potential horses.

Unfortunately speaking, Ah Choy’s luck was very bad, all his predictions went down the drain until the 6th race of that day. Suddenly a friend called Ah Choy and asked him on which was the best horse of that particular race and this is what he had to say:

“Well, the Jupiter is in the house of fortune now, I would bet on horse number 3 and 4 if I were you…”

After saying the words, Ah Choy hung up and continued to mind his own business…

As what Ah Choy had predicted, indeed horse number 3 and 4 indeed won for consecutive few races. Since this was against all odds; the pay rate was somewhere around $10 to $4,000.

After the race, the friend called Ah Choy and congratulated him for the big win and windfall…

Unexpectedly speaking, Ah Choy only threw his pal a piece of wet blanket and said that he didn’t dare to bet on the horses since he thought those horses were virtually impossible to win.

I supposed Ah Choy was indeed experiencing particular bad luck at that moment.

In another matter, I met Jane in Penang Turf Club and she just won an odd horse with a handsome price. So I jokingly said to Jane:

“Hey Jane, if you ever have such a good tip again; don’t forget to inform me!”

Unexpectedly speaking, Jane just shrugged and said:

“You know I am practically blind in horse gambling, the reason I bet was that one of the horse is called ‘Mary’; which incidentally was my dog’s name that died last year…”

Well, I supposed good old Jane was in an exceptionally good luck at that time…

Since then when Jane goes to the turf club to bet; I would ask her:

“Hey, Jane, give me a name of your pets to bet on…”

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