Monday, May 2, 2016

Bad Dreams & Feng Shui (噩梦与风水)

A lady dropped by my place and asked me for advice because she was troubled by the same dream repeatedly for a few weeks now.

This is her story:

“I am staying in a high density flat just downtown. My unit is at the top floor. I always have this repeating dream when I sleep in my bed since last week.

In my dreams, I was lying in my bed but I couldn’t sleep and my eyes are always open wide. My sight always fixed on the ceiling above my bed and suddenly a black shadow of a man appears on the ceiling above me. This shadowy figure would drop on to me and then it turned into a mouse.

I always shut out loud and only awaken to find that it is only a dream. My mom said that I am likely to be possessed by ghost.

So, could it be that I am possessed?”

Frankly, I am curious as the lady looked pretty sane to me from outside. Of course, I could always say that please lay down and I will do an exorcism ceremony for you… But I did hold my horses and resisted such temptation…

After pondering for a while, I finally said:

“Lady, you don’t look possessed to me. Perhaps we can look at your unit just for sure.”

The lady agreed and we proceeded to her unit.

At her place, I took out my compass and recorded some reading. The lady’s unit was facing northeast and it is a 6th Period unit for sure.

Her bed room door faces west hence the flying star 5 and 2 was at her doorstep. Her bed was located at the southeast of the room which was affected by both of the sick stars. No wonder she was looking sick instead of being possessed.

But the question remains: “why did this lady having funny dreams?”

Well, on further calculation, on that particular year; the flying star 6 also falls onto the bedroom thus forming the heaven, earth and human combination. This is a special combination that shows whoever sleeps in that particular room would experience bad dream.

The best solution is to switch a room to sleep, if not; the lady can sleep with her room light on for that particular year.

You might be baffled by such simple solution… Provided that if you believe in the flying star Feng Shui system so to speak.

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