Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Deciphering Wang's Feng Shui (王永庆风水解密)

The combination of Flying Star Feng Shui and astrology star chart can be a power combination to solve impossible Feng Shui cases.

The late Mr. Wang was a Taiwanese multi billionaire who was touted to be modern day ‘god of trading’. You can probably do an intranet search and find out more about this superrich and famous later…

The Feng Shui of Mr. Wang has been in great debate amongst Taiwanese Feng Shui communities each school with its own view and conclusion; which we may explore later. Frankly speaking, there is no hidden secrets with Mr. Wang’s Feng Shui if you understand Flying Star and Classical Chinese Astrology well…

Mr. Wang was born in the day of ‘metal’ (), so his tomb also backed the western direction. This is to make sure that there is no conflict with the deceased and the grave.

Since Wang’s grave is constructed within the 8th period and facing east, both of the flying stars 8 are in front of the grave; making the descendants of Wang rich but with poor health. We can take a look at the flying star chart above. Coincidentally speaking, this particular direction of Wang’s grave should ideally be made concealed; in Feng Shui term which is known as ‘hidden mountain’ (收山). So many trees were planted just in front of the new grave to satisfy this condition or problems will occur.

It is definitely not ideal if a family is rich but besieged by various illnesses, but there is so much the Feng Shui can do for Mr. Wang unless we can crossover to the twin brother of Feng Shui that is known as astrology. The astrology I meant here is the classical Chinese astrology which looks like the Western astrology but with a distinct flavour.

As I have mentioned that there are two components in astrology: the fixed chart and dynamic chart:

A fixed chart only indicates the location of heavenly bodies during a particular time, in this case we have a list of planets compiled as above.

A dynamic chart is the calculation of 12 houses for further analysis of fate of the descendants of Mr. Wang:

The time 3:15PM was chosen because it is the time of the rising of ‘house of pleasure’ (男女宫) which is related to the production of descendants. This is to counteract the ill effect of the mountain star 8 which ‘falls into the water’ in Feng Shui terms. Other aspects of planets and houses are as follows:

Jupiter in the 4th House will yield the best result for descendants of Mr. Wang in terms of fortune, business and help.

Mars in the 6th House will give energy boost and Venus in the 6th house provides the leadership skills.

Mercury in the 7th House indicates the marriage lives of descendants good and harmony.

The Sun in the 8th House gives the owner the courage of a hero and he/she is willing to sacrifice on his/her causes.

The Moon in the 10th House provide fame.

The Saturn in the 11th House means the persons dislike to socialise; which is normal for the rich and famous.

All in all, the selected timing will give more positive results than negative!

So Mr. Wang has indeed skilfully employed Feng Shui and astrology in a seamless order for the benefits of his descendants. Astrology filled in the gaps left over by Feng Shui but astrology is not a standalone tool; the real changes is in Feng Shui however. Of course, I am only mentioning the Flying Star Feng Shui at this point…

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