Monday, May 30, 2016

No Spiritual Issues (不是鬼问题)

To tell you honestly, I have not come across too many serious spirit possession issues in this 8th period (2003-2014) compared to the 7th.

I have some real cases that thought to be spiritual issues at first but they turned out to be otherwise:

Case 1: Meningitis Vs Spirit Possession

Mike has fallen ill after returning from his camping trip. His sister, Mei said Mike suddenly suffered from high fever and he could not even recognize his own mother and sister.

When Mei called his brother, Mike; Mike responded by asking Mei who this ‘Mike’ really was. So Mei’s first reaction was her brother was possessed!

Mei called me in the mid of the night for exorcism but I advised she to send Mike to the hospital instead.

Luckily, Mike’s fever was able to be put under controlled and he recovered a few days later. His lab result showed Mike suffered from meningitis. The doc said if Mike was a little late to be treated; Mike could die…

So, this is the first lesson learnt.

Case 2: Mental Depression Vs Spirit Possession

Through experience, there is a fine thin line that separates between mental disorders and spirit possession:

A person suffered from mental related issues would see things or behave quite constantly for 24 x 7; a person possessed by spirits would behave during particular intervals of the day.

A typical case I would like to quote is about Ms Wong.

Ms Wong was said to be possessed by multiple ghosts and many mediums said she was hopeless after their treatments (molested with permission).

After I investigated, I found Ms Wong’s behaviour was quite constant as she could eat, sleep and watch TV normally. So, Ms Wong was suffered from mental disorder instead of being possessed.

Strangely speaking, in the West, exorcism rituals can go on for years to fight a devil said to possess a person. I do believe in the existence of devil… but I don’t think a devil would possess a person for 24 hours by 7 days! After all, a devil is a lustful and greedy being that likes to enjoy. Do you think it will possess a pretty/handsome lady/man and make him/her miserable hence enjoys such act?

Case 3: Dust Mite Vs Spirit Possession

Alice likes ghost hunting activities. She would go to God forsaken old and ruin buildings to hunt for ghosts.

After visiting one of the said to be famous haunted house in Bukit Mertajam, she found red spots developed at her thigh.

The red spots subsequently turned brownish after a few days. Alice consulted a medium and the medium told Alice the red spots was due to ghosts…

She then turned to me for answer and I told Alice that was probably caused by dust mite or dust particles that made her skin allergy…

Case 4: Sit-ups Vs Spirit Possession

My pal, Lim likes to do sit-ups before he goes to sleep. He normally does 40 times in one go.

One night, Lim did the exercise as usual and at night, he felt someone was pressing at his adornment.

Lim thought it was a spirit that wants to possess him so he sought my help.

After some investigations, I advised Lim to perform the exercise in the morning and he is no longer troubled by his adornment muscle cramp!


There are yet many more examples but I would just stop here as all those cases made me bored. The first step in tackling suspicious spiritual issues would always to consult a doctor first!

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