Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Face Reading Vs Astrology (面相与星相)

Both face reading and astrology are arts of prediction of their own right. I make use of both face reading and astrology interchangeably according to circumstances because there are situations where astrology works best while in certain situations; face reading is the only way to go. I know many people like to gamble and they like to give out gambling tips. Whatever cases that might be, if those gamblers are in bad luck; then even their sure win tips would make you lose a lot of money. Instead of going through a person’s astrology chart, reading a person’s face would give us a quick appreciation if he/she is in a good luck.

If you still remember Ah Choy, my pal who uses astrology to predict horse race results?

A few years ago, Ah Choy wanted to gamble big on horses so he invited me and a friend to join him. I was very tempted as I knew Ah Choy did have some big wins before but on looking on Ah Choy’s face, I found his nose tip has turned red due to some pimple growths. In face reading, when one’s nose tip has turned red, that is a sure sign that the person will lose a lot of money. I was curious on how accurate this face reading technique was, so I agreed to join Ah Choy but I would just have bided small that time…

I remember Ah Choy said that the best race of that day was the 6th race; and the best calculated numbers were: ‘4’, ‘6’, ‘7’ and ‘9’. But number 6 was taken out at the last minute so leaving ‘4’, ‘7’ and ‘9’ which are good enough if we bet with substantial money. At that time horse no. 4 was ‘Pegasus’ and this was a very hot horse, the horse no. 7 and no. 9 were ‘Howdy’ and ‘Green World’. It was at the 4th race, Ah Choy said since Pegasus won the first four race, then it was safe to bet a hefty amount of our money on Pegasus while the ‘Howdy’ and ‘Green World’ suffice as conciliation prices…

Hearing what Ah Choy has to say, we nodded our heads but instead of betting on ‘Pegasus’, my pal and I bet on ‘Howdy’ and ‘Green World’ instead.

The race result was something out of ordinary…

The Pegasus was having cold feet and it was late to go out from the gate, the Howdy and Green World went far ahead together with other horses. Although Pegasus tried to chase those horses but it again was startled by a rabbit crossing the track. Consequently, the Howdy took the first, Green World ended in second; while Pegasus in the third. My pal and I were pretty satisfied except poor Ah Choy. His face was as dark as the gloomy evening sky of that day.

Strangely speaking, Pegasus continued to excel in subsequent races and it was almost always the top race horse of that time.

So you see, luck is far more important than any tips… And face reading can be very helpful at times too! if you don’t believe me; try out to find out yourself.

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