Monday, May 9, 2016

The Legendary Fox Tribe (命理说狐族)

Some Chinese people believe of the existence of ‘fox tribe’ in northern part of China. Coincidentally speaking, the belief of fox spirits was originated from the north and this belief gradually spread to the south, Hong Kong and then Taiwan. Some Hong Kong and Taiwanese movie stars were said to gain their popularity after worshipping fox spirits; and some of them we claimed to be the descendants of foxes.

This near fable tribe is said to be the offspring of fox spirit (狐仙) and mankind. Their tell-tale signs are firstly the eyes of these folks appear to be slanting in ‘V’ shape as if of the foxes’ eyes. Other than that, people belonged to fox tribe are said to be extremely lucky, attractive and popular. They too are said to have more acute 6th senses compared to the more common human counterpart.

Another specialty of this fox tribe is the adaptation of the surname ‘Hu’ () which sounds like ‘fox’ in Chinese. Having said so, be careful as not to group all those who has the surname ‘Hu’ as fox tribes or people might get offended. I am not about to have lengthy discussions of the origins of fox tribe, but I just want to share the astrology chart of a very interesting lady believed to belong to fox tribe.

This lady is known as ‘Huqin’ (胡琴) and she is born in 1972, in China.

Interestingly speaking, Huqin is a small lady with fair complexion who has ‘V’ shape eyes. Everyone who looks at her would think this lady is foxy. But I am more interested in looking into her astrology chart to find out more about the hidden aspects of Huqin. Huqin’s birthday reads:



On the first look, this is a cleaver lady who does not believe in supernatural stuffs. But the character ‘’ implies ‘ethics of the moon’ (月德). Incidentally, this ‘moon’ has many hidden secrets:

The moon belongs to the house of ‘heart’(心宿) within the 28 Houses (廿八宿). There is a formula that goes:



The house of ‘heart’ belongs to the moon; and the animal is fox.

So, clearly Huqin is implied as a ‘fox’ in astrology together with all her external features. Before I forget, men should be careful of a fox lady or both of the man and fox would not have a very happy ending for the human companion would either die or leave the lady for no apparent reasons… believe it!

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