Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Opened Bible (打开了的圣经)

People who have visited a predominantly Catholic or Christian country would notice that the chance of finding a bible in a hotel room is very high.

Well, in most of the cases, the bible is stored inside the drawer of makeup desk. But if you do find the bible is laid on desk top and it is flipped to a certain page; then please beware… please change a new room if the situation allows or keep praying… For that is the indicator that some tragic cases such as murders or suicides had taken place in the room; or perhaps some demonic entities had haunted the place. The opened bible is meant to suppress any negative entity in the room…

My pal, Eric is a market surveyor with a diary product manufacturer. He frequently travels overseas to perform market survey.

During one of his assignments, his boss asked Eric to go to Manila, Philippines to survey local market on the company’s new product line. So off Eric went to Manila for the errant.

In Manila, Eric stayed in a hotel booked by the company local representative downtown.  

After checking in the hotel, Eric found there was an opened bible on his desk but since he wasn’t a Christian or a Catholic, he just closed the bible and put it aside without having too many thoughts about the bible.

Eric’s days in Manila were quite hectic, he went out early in the morning at about 5am and travelled to Makati to meet potential distributers. It was not only after 8pm that Eric finally returned to his room to rest for the day. According to Eric, the reason he travelled early in the morning was to avoid the horrible traffic jam in Manila and that most of the time he spent in local colleague’s car.

During the last night of Eric’s stay in Manila, his Philippine colleague brought Eric to a local bar to celebrate his birthday.

It was way pass 12 midnight when Eric returned to his room. After his shower, Eric begun to pack his belongings as he had to take the morning flight back to KL to report to his boss.

During Eric’s busy packing activity, he heard some knocking sound on his room door and he answered the knock. When Eric opened the door, there wasn’t anyone there! No one was in front of the door or in the corridor. But he found a lady’s handkerchief instead. Eric thought it was a lady’s handkerchief because it carried some scent of perfume.

Without thinking too much, Eric picked up the handkerchief and brought it into his room and finished packing his luggage.

After double checking all his belongings, Eric was satisfied and he sat in the armchair next to the makeup desk and start checking out the mysterious handkerchief. He gradually succumbed to tiredness and the effect of alcohol in the armchair…

Just before Eric entered his dreamland, he felt a very soft hand touching his thigh areas and gradually moved to his private area, then someone was kissing his lips… Instinctively, Eric could tell the someone was a ‘she’ but he also knew that he was alone in the room too… So Eric opened up his eyes and he saw he was face to face with the silhouette of a tall creature with a pair of long horns and its long slimy tongue was licking on his lips!

Eric couldn’t shout as the creature’s tongue stuck into his mouth when he opened his mouth. There was nothing Eric could do but to struggle and tried to grab something from the desk top as weapon… and the luck was on Eric’s side, he somehow managed to get hold of the bible he tugged away in a corner. With all his force, Eric struck the bible onto the creature’s face and it whine in pain; and it suddenly loosen its grip on Eric and vanished in thin air.

Eric was so frightened that his legs couldn’t move, so he crawled on the floor to get the bible which is now opened on the floor. He looked at the bible and the bible had opened to the exact page he saw the first time Eric entered the hotel room.

When Eric’s had regained his strength, he decided to spend the night in the hotel pub. There he met with a hotel worker and according to the worker, Eric’s room was previously used by some satanic cult members to perform some sacrificial ceremony and all of the cult members committed suicide in that room. It is said that until today the portal to the demonic world is still opened hence the bible is put there to overcome evil force. Of course, Eric wasn’t the first one to experience this strange encounter… perhaps if you are lucky enough, you will have a chance to stay at this ‘special’ hotel room too!


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  2. intresting.... in what hotel here in Manila does he stayed in?

    1. Forgive me. I am not at liberty to mention the name due to obvious reason.

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  4. Which book and verses was the Bible opened to?