Friday, September 29, 2017

I Am Pooped! (沉默是金)

This is a flower of arisaema wrayi very nicely indicating my present condition after posting a total of nearly 2,000 postings: "I am pooped!" :P

So, if you have sent me multiples of messages and didn't get a reply, then forgive me for I think I need to keep silent. The flower is yellowish green so is my face and my tongue is sticking as long as well.

Silent will be my sole action for the moment. It is perhaps your turn to talk if you so wish desire or forever hold your silent.

Meanwhile, I am working on other blogs but the progress is very slow. There is no need to ask for access as they shall be opened to all when the materials are enough to share.

If I have something to share, it shall be posted in this blog but if you something to share, then let me know.

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