Thursday, April 26, 2018

I Ching View On GE14 (易经看大选)

The 14th Malaysian general election is around the corner. So who will be a big winner? Let us approach from what I Ching has to say:

We all know that the current ruling period is 8, which represents young man and the color is white.

The ruling star for this year, 2018 is 9, represents middle woman and the color is purple.

In Flying Star Feng Shui, the center is assigned the number 5, which represents the untouchable ruling force.

In short, the parties with color white-purple or majority of young man and middle women will be the winner. The closest political party with white-red (purple) would be the DAP and UMNO.

Having said so, since the DAP has abandoned its logo in favor of the PKR, its chance is reduced. So the dominant force of this GE14 would be the UMNO undoubtedly speaking.

According to 2018 flying star, the number 5 is located at the north, taking the color of 'water', which can be translated to 'black' or 'blue'. And the Barisan Nasional (BN) using predominantly 'blue' would be the overall winner.

DAP having abandoned its traditional logo will lose much of its influence to PKR (light blue and white).

Other political parties would be losers to some extent.

I Ching has spoken. Believe it or not? But still, don't be too serious about the prediction.

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