Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Fashionable Thai Lady Manikin

A common Thai lady figurine that can be seen standing outside of a Thai restaurant or hotel greeting each of the customer.

A friend of mine, Lisa who was sent to Bangkok by her company to attend a meeting came back to tell me this story... 

Lisa stayed in a hotel in the center of Bangkok. The meeting started after breakfast until late in the evening. It was sort of international team building activity.

On the first day, Lisa's American colleague gave her a beautiful scarf and Lisa was very excited. She hastily returned to her hotel room during the break and tugged the scarf inside her luggage. 

Then on the last night of Lisa's stay in the hotel. Lisa was awakened by to and fro walking noise outside of her room and then the noise halted in front of the room door. Soon there was a knock on the door.

Lisa thought it might have been one of her foreign colleague to come over to chat. Without too much hesitation, Lisa jumped out of her bed and opened the door. 

To Lisa's surprised, no one was at the door, except a Thai lady manikin standing beside the door. She thought someone might just left there for some reasons. So, Lisa shook her head and return to the bed.

In the morning, Lisa thought of taking a second look at the scarf as she wanted to have a second look at it. 

Strangely, Lisa could not find the scarf even after she has emptied her luggage. She searched frantically look into every corner of her room and strangely, there was no trace of the scarf.

Feeling hopeless, Lisa decided to repack her luggage and go out for her breakfast.

To Lisa's surprised, the lady manikin was still standing by her door. In addition, the beautiful scarf Lisa was frantically searching was wound around the neck of the manikin.

Lisa immediately screamed frantically and ran towards the hotel restaurant. She bumped into a hotel maid and told the maid of her strange encounter.

Unexpectedly, the maid just slay in slumber: "Relax, mam. The manikin has been moving around and it meant no harm..."

Lisa almost fainted and she didn't want to argue with the maid. She left the hotel right after her breakfast leaving the scarf on the lady manikin.

Even an inanimate lady manikin likes fashionable stuff too...

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