Saturday, April 28, 2018

Oh God, Save This Monk Please! (神啊!请救这和尚吧!)

One thing for sure, once one has involved in magic for a fairly long time, this person is bound to meet all sorts of weird people...

So, do you think all of those religious figures are up there high and mighty? Well, some really are. But many of them I would just keep away at a ten barge pole distance.

My mom and I used to visit this temple to chant. At times we also attended some dharma talk and participated in the Buddhist events there. Soon I got acquainted with one of the monk in the temple whom I called him Sifu Wong.

At first Sifu Wong and I just greeted each other politely but everything changed after Sifu Wong learnt that I learnt Thai magic and also Feng Shui...

One day after the usual chanting session, as I was walking out of the main gate to get my car; Sifu Wong suddenly shouted at me: "Wait please, Mr. Liew!"

I halted my pace and acknowledged with a casual 'yup', and turned my back...

It was Sifu Wong alright.

"O Mi Tuo Fo (哦弥陀佛), Sifu. What's up?"

"O Mi Tuo Fo, Mr. Liew. Can I visit you for a discussion?"

Though bewildered, I nodded and say: "Okay. Why such a secrecy?"

"Private matters..." Sifu Wong gave me a mischievous look.

I felt stunned as I have not seen Sifu Wong's 'dark side' until this moment...

10 minutes later, we were at my place. After both of us were seated, Sifu Wong opened his mouth: "Can I learn Phra Ngan magic from you?"

I almost jumped up from my chair after hearing Sifu Wong's request...

"O Mi Tuo Fo! You know Phra Ngan is meant to flirt with girls and to womanize!?"

"Yes. I know. But life is so boring in the temple and I want to learn something new for a kick." Sifu Wong said with a numb face.

I suddenly developed goosebumps all over and though Phra Ngan has no real power, I hate to think what Sifu Wong would do to other lady visitors to the temple. So, I politely declined and said to him: "You are already an ordain and respectable Buddhist monk, so it is not appropriate to call me 'sifu' and learn Thai magic from me..."

After a few rounds of pleading, Sifu Wong suddenly switched a topic: "Can I learn Feng Shui and astrology from you, Mr. Liew? The temple needs some source of income?"

I again shook my head and looked at Sifu Wong: "It takes a long time to learn Feng Shui or astrology... Maybe it is time for me to send you back to the temple!"

I have not returned to the temple since though at times I still receives messages from Sifu Wong concerning his intention on Thai magic.

I am baffled but to urge everyone to exercise his/her common sense: Not all religious figures are holy and untouchable... You will be surprised!

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