Sunday, April 29, 2018

My Brother's Haunted Apartment

This is the internal of famous Relau ghost house. It is believed that even its surrounding is haunted by various ghosts. The haunted house is forbidden to be entered at this moment.

It seems that everywhere I go, I would bump into haunted houses.

I have stayed in a few places in Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore, and had experience with some sort of haunting.

When I first come to Penang, I stayed with my bro in an apartment near the current Relau Metropolitan Garden where a famous haunted house is said to be located. The haunted house had been the subject of many paranormal shows from Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The haunted house is now a forbidden place to visit. When I was staying there, some spirit medium would hold some sort of Taoist ceremonies said to 'prevent' the ghosts in the haunted house from disturbing tenants around.

I personally think that those ceremonies are useless in warding off those restless spirits because even my brother's apartment were some sort being haunted by a restless lady spirit from the house.

Legend has it that some 40 or 50 years ago a lady committed suicide in the house and her restless spirit is roaming the place since even though countless of pacification ceremonies had taken place.

While I was staying in the apartment, I have a few times heard female sighing voice lingered in the air. But luckily or unluckily, I had not had a chance to see anything.

My niece once told me that when she was small, she had a strange encounter in her bedroom.

One morning, my niece was playing on her own in her room. Her game was only throwing her pillow in the air and then fetching the pillow before it falls in the bed.

So the little girl threw and fetched the pillow a few rounds until one throw that she would never forget. 

On her final throw, my niece's pillow suddenly seen stuck onto the ceiling as if detained by some unseen forces.

Just as when the little lady was about to call for her mom, the pillow suddenly dropped from the ceiling.

My nephew also said that when he was playing in the room alone, he saw a black figure was observing him...

A few friends who came to stay for a few days also said that they saw something was sitting on the brim of the window.

A spirit medium told me that the entire apartment block was being haunted by a lady spirit which like to roam about. Since she meant no harm, no action was taken to confine her. Other medium said that there were also some mountain spirits and some restless Japanese Imperial Armies of World War II too.

Now my brother had sold off the apartment but I still visit the Relau Metropolitant Garden now and then for morning walk. However, I am not sure if the place is still being haunted by one lady ghost or other figures.

It is indeed an nostalgic moment during my stay in Relau.

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