Monday, April 30, 2018

Killer Cooking Gas (夺命煤气)

Cooking gas is a type of flammable gas. It burns if the gas-air mixture is ideal with the presence of fire of course. However, if the air is insufficient; then a type of colorless and odorless gas known as carbon monoxide would be produced. Any animals inhaling a large quantity of this carbon monoxide will die due to the brain is depleted of oxygen.

On the other hand, if cooking gas leaked in an enclosed compartment and that the mixture of gas and air reached an ideal proportion, then the space will behave as if a gigantic bomb. A spark such as the turning on of a switch or even the ringing of a telephone will cause a massive explosion.

Of course, there are people commit suicide by cooking gas inhalation. 

Cases of fatalities caused by cooking gas incidents are many and often. The force of explosion is horrible as a building may become a mess and the building may also collapse due to the sudden impact.

The story I am going to tell concerns with a haunted house previously devastated by gas explosion which I have rented when I have just graduated from a technical college in Ipoh.

Right after my study, I was offered a job with a company in Tasek Industrial Estate. Since I was not local to Ipoh, I was urgently looking for a place to stay. Being a fresh graduate with budget constraint, it was quite difficult to find an ideal place.

Finally, a college mate of mine brought me to an empty house with almost zero house rent for the first year with a catch. The landlord told me that the house 'is not peaceful' and that he would not be responsible for any 'life and death matters'.

Though feeling strange, I decided to take the challenge of moving into the house. It was not that I was brave, it was just that my work starts in two days' time. So be it I thought.

Things were relatively peaceful for a week or so. I used to go out at about 7am and only returned around 8 or 9pm. There was no fun for a person to come home early and look at the 4 walls I supposed.

One night, I decided to take a walk and stopped by a hawker center just around the corner for supper. After that I returned to take a rest. As I walked slowly, I saw the back of a good featured long hair lady also walking towards the same direction.

So, I walked and walked following the pretty lady until I was nearing my house. I began to think that she might be a neighbor of some sort. Before I could have a second thought, the lady suddenly took a 90 degree turn and went into my house.

I then thought that the lady might be the landlord's daughter coming to renegotiate the tenant agreement. Perhaps my landlord has change his mind of letting me stay free?

With some expectations in mind, I was in front of my house. But there was no one there. The main gate remained securely locked.

Then I thought the lady might just turned into a dark corner and it was just an optical illusion of some kind.

Without thinking too much, I hit the bed and quickly fell asleep. I was too tired after spent a day working on the factory's layout drawing.

Not long after that, I heard water splashing noise came out from the bathroom in my master room as if someone was taking a shower. I opened my eyes and slightly raised my head to look at the direction of the bathroom. And I heard a disembodied voice of a lady: "Honey, it will be in a jiffy..."

As soon as the voice subsided, I saw the figure of a long hair lady gently glided out from the bathroom. As she approached me, I heard a very strong scent of cooking gas...

When the lady has gotten close enough, I took a second look... I almost fainted, it was the grim burnt face of a lady. To be honest, I could only say that she was a lady from her body feature.

The lady... or should I say the 'thing' came so close to my face and whispered: "Honey... where were you? I thought we were to die together..." 

Before I could cry out in fear, perhaps it was the strong gas smell that came from the creature coupled with the oily fried noodles I consumed a hour before; my stomach suddenly started to pain...

Subsequently, I started to fart: "Puuuuttt..."

And then followed by a few long farts: "Ppuuuuuttttt.."

And then I felt my pants went wet with excretion...

Maybe the smell of excretion and farts overpowered the smell of the gas, the creature suddenly vanished with a sound: "Uuuuhhhh..."

Of course, I immediately rushed to the bathroom to clean myself.

That was my first exorcism without using any mantras or talismans!

A few months later, I passed the house keys to my landlord as I wanted to return to my hometown.

Before I left, I asked him about the strange lady I saw. The landlord kept quiet for a while and finally said: "She was my daughter who committed suicide by gas inhalation. She was to die together with her boyfriend but he chickened out at the last minute. Incidentally, her boyfriend rang her and the ringing of the phone caused a massive explosion..."

Then he stopped and asked me: "Aren't you afraid?"

"Oh that... I have SECRET WEAPONS!! Hahaha..."

Of course, I couldn't tell my landlord about the farting thing...

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