Wednesday, April 25, 2018

CM Lim's Astrology (林首长的命盘)

I got this said to-be chief minister Lim's date of birth from some social group and someone asked me to comment if it is true. Whatever case that might be, let us have a look at this gentleman's astrology chart:

The given date of birth is: December 8th, 1960, 8am.

Converting the date to the 8-Character chart:


Comment on the 8-Character chart:

This gentle man is a fighting cock and less likely to stop and think. He is a doer and not much of a thinker. He is helped by many friends and holding good position. Strangely so, Lim has no real money or power and at times, he is a little indecisive.

Due to his strong and sharp character, Lim is likely to be entangled with many court cases. His luck is as if riding on a roller coaster: at one point he is high and mighty, at another, he is in jail. Though quite talented, Mr Lim always find himself in conflict with the officials. His greatest challenge would be between 45-60 years old.

Comment on the major life-cycles:

3 - 32: Not many accomplishments.
33-42: His accomplishments fell into void, nothing done.
43-52: At least Mr. Lim started to sit down and plan for some accomplishments.
53-62: Problems with the officials and legal affairs again.
63-72: More unsettling headache problems.
73+: Still problems to come but at least life is a little settle down if he survived so far.

Comment on yearly cycles:

2017: Problems and possibility of losing his job.
2018: He would get 50% of what he has possessed.
2019: He retains 50% of his power with some losses.

Well, can astrology readings be trusted? I don't know for sure. There is no harm just to treat it as a teatime topic. I post this one on someone's request.

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