Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Magical Uses Of Honey

Honey is a viscous liquid that is sweet and delicious. It is highly efficacious for the human body, and it is the so-called multi-purpose drink that can be used for treating various diseases; or as a nutritious drink to boost body strength, build up immune system and prolong life.

In addition to the natural properties of honey as a health drink, honey in the occult world is also used as:

·         A media for boundary protection for a place such as home, office, yard etc., to avoid negative distractions.

·         Honey is also used as a media for filling metaphysical energy into human body,

·         For the purpose of increasing authority,

·         Attractions of gaze

·         Cultivate loving aura (charisma), etc.

Perform the following ritual to empower your honey:

1.      Prepare some native bee honey / pure taste (as much as needed).

2.      Recite Surat Al Mulk as much as 200 times.

3.      Every once finished reading the Surat, blow a breath onto the honey.

4.      Recitations may be done alone or perhaps in congregation. When done with the congregation then every once completed, each person breathes are blown onto the honey.

5.      The recitations should be done outside the home, and do not get shaded by something; i.e. directly under the sky.

Indeed, this practice is a bit difficult, but if it is done with sincerity of our heart, the honey so charged can be used as follows:

·         To treat disease, let the patient consume one tablespoon a day.

·         To cultivate an aura of authority, love, increase body strength, and beauty, dip cotton into honey then swallow the cotton.

·         For the protection of the home, yard, garden or office:

o   Pour honey in a bowl or plate.

o   Prepare some gravel (numbers correspond to the corner where the fence will be invisible).

o   Then dip into the honey.

o   Then plant the gravel in the corner where you want to give a magical fence.

o   Do not forget when doing good deeds is accompanied by praying for the protection of Almighty God.

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