Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Summoning Monkey Spirits (猴精)

Monkey spirits are not normally summoned now-a-days by magicians. This type of knowledge is getting extinct, so I figured that I just do my part in preserving the rituals I know. Hopefully, these rituals would be useful in comparative or cross cultural studies.

The purpose to summon a monkey spirit is normally to disturb an enemy, for stealing, or to find out people’s secrets. The Chinese Mao Shan Taoist has a ritual to conjure the spirit of a monkey. Firstly, he/she must catch hold of an old monkey. Then the monkey is fed with some herbs for six months; after that the monkey is believed to be able to understand human language. Subsequently, the old monkey will die. The carcass of the monkey is buried at the northern direction of the Taoist’s altar. A tablet inscribing the name of the monkey spirit is set on the main altar to be worshipped daily.

When there is a need for a task, the Taoist will summon the monkey spirit to the altar and give it specific instructions to the monkey spirit. If the Taoist wanted some rice, he will put an empty basket covered with a black cloth then recite the below mantra:

“老猴神,老猴神, 不離我身,不離我行,有問即答,有取討即應,急急如律令。”

(Old monkey god, old monkey god; never leave my sides, goes where I go. Answer when asked, bring what my heart desires. As my will, so mote it be!)

In Peninsula Malaysia, such practices are very rare as I was told that as the ritual did not bring richness to the practitioner; not many people willing to invest their time on the monkey spirits. The mantra for summoning a monkey spirit is as below:

“Lok Lok, Si Mundi, Si Mundi, Si Munaya!
Datang Beruk Tunggal,
Menggunchang-gunchang tanggok,
Tangok siapa ini?
Tangok Si Mara Pati,
O lambak! O lambai! Si Olong meniti batang,
Titi teranggok-anggok,
Ku mimpi Dayang ku mimpi,
Ku mimpi bayok-nya Berok!
Ka serok, ka aerangan,
Ka sambar, ka danau,

Antah Berok, antah bukan,
Daun dedap, daun simpor,
Tertudong lading kami,
Lelap-lepap nenek tidur,
Dengarkan berita kami,

Hendik! Hok!”

The monkey spirit will appear and communicate in the dream.

Likewise, as stated in Kitab Al-Ajnass, page 133 Chapter “Irsaalu Qasamil Qirdi “(Sending Oath of Monkey):

“Bismillahi yahwalin yahin haulin thafthafan haulin saythayuusyin kamhuujin kama abdaakhin syalkhayaasyin syalkhuumin syalaakhiimin halaasyin kaylasyin laykaasyin bihaqqil khaatimil wa sahibhi sayyidina Sulaiman bin dawuda alaihis salam At-tha’ata ajib ayyuhal maliku thalhamaaiila waf’al maa amartuka bihi.”

Recite the above prayer 21x before sleep. Similarly, the monkey spirit will appear in your dream and you can ask it to perform many duties as required.


  1. Yahwalin, Yahin and haulin is pronounce Yahuwal,Yah and hawal

    Some Arabs/Indonesian do pronounce them with the IN, I don't recommend doing that as they are not part of the original and it is the original pronunciation that gave effect at the first place. Ok i'm going to stop being choosy :P what really important is the magic to work!

    1. No prob bro, keep them comi'n.. I learn many things from u too :)))