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Semar Kuning: Legand & Magic

Lagend has it that Prabu Krishna, the Dwarawati king, eager to marry off his daughter, Siti Sundari with Abhimanyu, son of Arjuna and Goddess Subhadra. King Krishna's want to do so because he knew that Abimayu will get Cakraningrat revelation; which is the revelation that would give birth to the king of kings in the land of Java. But the wedding plans were challenged by Arjuna who had returned home earlier.

Not only that the King Krishna rejected the advice of Semar, his majesty even accused the Semar of belittling the wisdom of his royal highness. On the orders of Krishna, Abimayu dared to spit crest with Master Semar.

 Krishna’s action has caused frustration to Semar, he choose to leave the palace. The abuses from Krishna angered the gods. The gods then punished the Kingdom of Dwarawati with disasters, such as riots, fires, floods and wind storms striking the palace. People lived in chaos; subsequently the King of Dwarawati was displaced and sought refuge in the Kingdom Amarta.

 Prabu Krishna who was accompanied by Pandava went to meet Semar who was then in meditation asking forgiveness from the gods. At that time Semar was possessed by the spirit of Sang Hyang Semar Wenang and his body was emitting a yellowish light. Semar accepted the coming of the Pandavas and Krishna, and with great wisdom, he forgave the guilt of King Krishna, and also predicted that the marriage of Abhimanyu with Siti Bahawa Sundari will not produce any offsprings.

 After that, eventually all the disasters and riots in Dwarawati subsided. They live in happily ever after. J

The wisdom of Semar Kuning is normally invoked to solve relationship issues, to increase wealth and for good public relations. Below are two of such rituals for your reference:

1.      Doa Semar Kuning (Malay Version)
a.       This ritual is to ease your daily business and for good public relationships.
b.      “Bismillah … Hei Semar Kuning, jangan kau duduk di tunggul jati, jemput datang kemari, orang memandang aku belas kasihan. Dengan berkat doa lailahillallah muhammmadarsulluallah...
c.       Chant 3x then blow on to the palm of your hands then wipe across your face.

2.      Aji Semar Kuning (Javanese Version)
a.       It is also called “Pengasihan Semar Kuning”.
b.      It is used for women who wanted to break a relationship. After this Aji is used, then your target is begging to be with you again. If you refuse, then she will become crazy.
c.       Requirements to master this ilmu:
                                                              i.      Perform Mutih Fast for 7 days and nights.
                                                            ii.      Perform Pati Geni for 3 nights.
                                                          iii.      Perform Ngebleng for 1day and night.
d.      Mantra:
                                                              i.  “Niyat ingsun matek aji, ajiku Semar Kuning, Sungsum wuyung, wuyuh gumelang, Tetese angin, nagiya nangis, Nangis si ……….. (targets name) Marang badan ingsun, Teko kedhep teko lerep, Asih saking kersaning Alloh, Laa ilaha ilalloh, Muhammadur rasululloh, Salallohu ‘alaihi wassalam.”

Personally I do not like to solve relationship issues with magic ritual. So be careful what you wish for...

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