Friday, April 13, 2012

Magical Properties Of Chicken

Many domestic animals are believed to have magical and healing properties. Chicken is one of the common poultry fond by magicians of many cultures. Normally a chicken is used as a sacrificial offering to deities; and in some magical systems, the chicken blood is used to inscribe powerful talismans. Besides that, chicken also believed to carry some therapeutic results:   

Heal Epilepsy

Look for a dying chicken due to being hit, fall, and so forth. In a dying state, slaughter and cook the chicken. Serve to the epileptic.

 Heal Eye Myopia

Fry without oil some nails of white cock until they turn into charcoal; then mash until become powder. Mix with kohl and apply accordingly.

 Cure Sterility

 Fry eggs into charcoal (without oil) and then finely crushed them. After that drink like you drink hot coffee.

 Detect Black Magic Implants

 If you experience some misfortunate incidents, and you suspect that your house is fitted with magic implants; in order to detect the location of the implants, you can use a chicken that has been tamed. First write the Seal of Solomon on a piece of plain white paper; then tie it with string and put it on the neck of the chicken. Let the chicken wanders off. If the chicken is seen stopped at one location, then therein lies the implant. Recite “In the Name of God” before removing the magic implant.


 Prevent Polygamy

 You kill a sleek black cock and then take his head. Enter the chicken's head into a jar and cover with a tight stopper. Then bury the jar under a bed where you used to sleep together.

 Teaser Opposite Sex

Write down the below passage on eggs. Do the writing on Sunday at 11.00pm in a state of purity. While at points the written name of the girl/guy of your idol and then write the name of his mother. Remember! Do not take this magic likely; for if you leave the person, he/she may become crazy!

Please consult your physician before consuming any of the items above. This posting is only intended for your reading pleasure and your magical reference.


  1. Dear Shih Liew,
    Can use the above passage without the mother's name of the lover and just imagine the face of the lover???

    Also tell me what should be done with the Egg written with the passage??

    Keep that , throw that , eat that what should be done with that written egg...

    1. I don't think so. But u can try.

      Keep the egg with you until the person come to you. Then bury the egg under the ground.