Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Taoist Vs Ninja: The Nine Word Nips

The nine word nips is made famous by the ever popular ninja movie series worldwide. But not many people aware that there is a companion practice in Taoist magic as well. To make long story short, I just list the nine words down for the ease of our comparisons:

The Han characters of the Taoist and Ninja are different and the mudras are also varied. The above example is the Ninja’s way of perform the nips.

Please also note that the Taoist’s nine word nips are practiced in two stages: the static seated mode, and the star walk.

In order to benefit fully from the practice of nine words nip, one has to follow the below steps:

1.      First, clean yourself in the morning.

2.      Then exhale facing North and inhale facing East then gently bit your teeth 3x; repeat this process for 36x.

3.      After that, inhale and lead and compress fresh air in your lower stomach.

4.      With the above exercises, your mind will become clear.

5.      Perform the nine nips as shown above.

6.      Then perform the below fast nine words nip:

The above exercise will save you from harms when you are in danger; so please do not treat this method likely. When you have mastered the nine words nip, with a point of your fingers and a shout; you can penetrate a piece of thin paper a far. Do not practice this on small animals or you may kill them.

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