Sunday, April 15, 2012

No Games In The Field (封山法)

“Feng Shan” (封山) literally means “to seal a mountain”. This is a magic ritual to bind all animals and spirits in a designated area so as not to have any movements to prevent other parties to get their hands on the animals.

Below are two rituals I got from a Yao priest in Vietnam. The first one is to prevent a hunter or a fisherman from getting any catch of the day. There are many reasons to do that, but the main one is for revenge as I was told. So if a hunter found his dogs refuse to go into a forest or a fisherman failed to catch any fish compared to his normal catch; people will suspect that must the work of some sorcerer. It can also be that when a hunter wanted to protect his hunting ground from his fellow hunters. The second ritual is to bind spirits within a compound to prevent them from disturbing you for a short period of time.

There are two versions of this ritual:

1.      Ritual for external environment

2.      Ritual within a building

First, let us look into the ritual set for external environment:

The mantra:


(I am binding all animals in the mountain: roe, deer and rabbit alike. I am calling earth deities from five directions to guard the mountain. All are present now: first thanks to the god of the East, secondly thanks to the god of the South, thirdly thanks to the god of the West, fourthly thanks to the god of the North, fifthly thanks to the god of the center. Gods of five directions make haste. Today I am sealing the front, back, left and right side of this mountain. Injuries to anyone by wolf, tiger and leopard; so be it.)

This type of magic will naturally invite many confrontations magically or physically in the old days. As I was told that lives were lost during fights. The lesson is that please do not interfere with people’s livelihood. So just suffice to learn but not practice.

The second ritual is the ritual carried out within a building. Its use is to catch all the ghosts and goblins within one building and hide them under a sorcerer’s bowl. This is my normal way of doing when I had to spend a night or two in a haunted place such as hotel. J

The ritual is simple. You just take a clean bowl and fill it half with plain water. Recite the below mantra three times. Splash the water around the place you want to protect, cup the bowl on the floor in front of you at the last drop of water. The spirits will be captured under the bowl. If you want to release them, hold the bottom of the bowl with your left hand, and point your right hand to South.


(I am sealing mountain. Gods and demons panic alike. I am hereby sealing the eight directions; hundred thousands of soldiers surround the mountain. If any strong ones attempted my boundary, I will chop them with magical swords. I carry out the Black Maiden and Master Yang’s sealing mountain formula. All is calm now. So be it.)

The second method is my favorite method as I always travel to unknown places for Feng Shui audit. Do learn up, may be it will be helpful to you too.


  1. hi liew....for the asma nakaban it safe or ok to recite it at home? thanks

  2. how to release it when one thinks the time is ripe to re-open?

    1. Hold the bottom of the bowl and turn/rotate it with your left hand until your left index finger point to the south.