Thursday, April 12, 2012

Meet Your Dream Mate (美人自來)

The picture above shows the seeds of Acacia Confusa or相思豆. The Chinese name implies Acacia Confusa as the “bean of loving thought”. The old Chinese believe that when a person sees the seeds, he/she will miss his/her love ones.

If you have an idol that you always wanted to meet, the below is a Thai love magic ritual that can fulfill your heart’s desire. There are two ways to go about:

Ritual 1:

First find yourself 9 pieces of Acacia Confusa (相思豆) seeds. Draw the below talisman on two pieces of yellow or white cloth. The best timing is on Thursday night from 11pm to 1pm, or on the full moon night.

Recite the below mantra 108x.

Repeat the ritual for 7 nights. Then one of the talismans you bring along with you in your purse. But please do not put your purse at your back pocket.

The other talisman put in your pillow and you sleep on it. Before you sleep, hug the pillow with both of your arms; think of your target’s face at your third eye are; after that call his or her name for 49x.

Ritual 2:

Do as above, but the second talisman is hung on your bed at the position which is directly above your chest.

The talisman and mantra:

“Namo Tatsat Bagawato, Arahato, Samasabuddhasa.” (3x)

“Om Akazhahe, Manimama, Ima (person’s name) Malaku, Maihinakuyumailai, Longhaimalaiku (your name), Om Siddhi, Gurusiddhi, Kagu Svaha, Idiayur, Bumisutosu, Haibingangmasiddhi Svaha." (108x)

Please also note that you must already have a servant spirit before the magic can take effect. This is a constant magic law of South-East Asia magic.


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