Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Batak Love Magic Ritual

Batak tribe is one of many tribes in Indonesia. The name Batak is a collective term for identifying certain tribes originated from Tapanuli, Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. The term Batak includes ethnic Karo, Pakpak, Toba, Simalungun, Mandailing, and Angkola.

It was well documented that up to 18th century, the Batak people practiced ritual cannibalism; i.e. they were man eaters.

Majority of the Batak are Christian and Muslims now-a-days. There are also others who profess Malim (commonly called the Parmalim followers) and also followers of animist beliefs (called Pelebegu or Parbegu), although now the number of adherents of the two courses has been on the decline.

Batak shamans are believed to possess great magical power and their black magic is amongst the strongest in the SEA region. The Batak’s love magic is also said to be very potent. Below is just one of the versions:

Whoever wants to practice this ritual must be with good intentions; sincere and promised not to misuse it. Then your wish will be automatically graduated by God Almighty.

Below are the steps:

1.      Perform ritual cleaning, and chant the mantra after each of the obligatory prayers.

2.      You must chant while picturing the person’s face

The mantra:


Dormaku si diki sonduk,

si tantang bayangan,

si buang polu-polu

Anggo namo no ni dormaku,

na tunduk tu adopanku

Hei si anu (the person’s name)

Kabul borkat kalimah Laa Ilaaha Illallaah.”

Good luck.

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