Friday, June 6, 2014

Arjan Chum’s Superb Prayer: Pra Gatha Viset

It has been a while that I haven’t post anything on Thai magic.


The below prayer is a general purpose one as it:


·         Protects against all harm

·         Gives boon

·         Bless amulets

·         Etc.


You can chant it:


·         Before sleep

·         After awakening

·         Before going out of your house

·         While performing your daily work

·         Before sales


The Gatha:

Buddham Saranang Gachami

Dhammang Saranang Gachami

Sangham Sarang Gachami



Rol- rol-rol,





Namo Buddhaya

You are encouraged to teach this gatha to everyone if you so wish desires ;-)


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